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The Stanak was the assembly of medieval Bosnian noblemen. It was the first form of state parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was first mentioned, by this name, in Charter of Ban Tvrtko I Kotromanić in year 1354.[citation needed] It is believed that Stanak, but under different name existed since Ban Kulin and even from earlier times of Ban Borić.[citation needed]

Members of Bosnian Stanak were feudal landlords from all parts of Bosnian state, and their title was knez. Head of parliament was ban himself (supreme lord in Bosnian state), and later, after 1377, when Bosnia became kingdom, head of parliament was Bosnian king.

All international agreements had to be verified by Stanak. Bosnian Stanak was secular, and members of churches were not included in work of parliament.

Bans and later kings of Bosnia, were from Kotromanić dynasty, but still, between relatives and members of family, members of Bosnian Stanak could choose who they want for that position.

Stanak was held in Mile, Bobovac, Sutjeska or Jajce (it depended on the place where the king lived). It existed till fall of Bosnian Kingdom in year 1463.[citation needed]

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