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Stanchester Academy
Motto Believe
Established 1940s
Type Academy
Headteacher Jason Beardmore
Location Montacute Road
England Coordinates: 50°57′16″N 2°44′56″W / 50.9545°N 2.7488°W / 50.9545; -2.7488
DfE URN 137080 Tables
Ofsted Pre-academy reports
Students 798
Ages 11–16

Stanchester Academy, formerly Stanchester Community School, is an academy for children between the ages of 11 and 16 in Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset, England. As of April 2015 it had 610 students.

Stanchester Academy challenges and supports each child to help them realise their full potential. The curriculum provides personalised learning tailored to individual needs; furthermore, the Academy’s excellent campus and resources support and enrich learning. Stanchester Academy recognises the importance of balancing hard work with enjoyment and has varied extra-curricular activities as well as an established rewards system which celebrates every child’s successes and achievements.

Stanchester Academy has a range of technology facilities; wireless internet across site, integrated ICT desking in several classrooms, Apple Macs in the music department as well as the latest technology for school logistics.

The Academy’s emphasis on the international dimension supports strong global citizenship and in recognition of this work, they have recently been awarded the Intermediate International Schools Award.

School Improvement[edit]

In its annual report on the South West sector of the UK, Ofsted reports on standards in all state schools across a very wide geographical area.

The report identifies trends, strengths and areas for improvement in the education of hundreds of thousands of students in primary and secondary schools and colleges. Stanchester was the only secondary school in the entire South West of the UK to be identified and praised in the section entitled “Regional Priorities- positive steps”. A single primary school in Swindon was also identified and praised in the same section.

Stanchester Academy was part of a special case study which describes “substantial and effective change” in improving the school and securing high standards.

A quote from the report says “At Stanchester Academy (Somerset), the new principal has already brought about substantial and effective changes. He has the full and effective support of senior teachers and the governing body. Teaching has improved rapidly with systematic monitoring and support for staff.”

You can view the full report by visiting

Achieving Excellence[edit]

Stanchester Academy launched their ‘Achieving Excellence’ programme in September 2014.

At Stanchester they recognise that gifted and talented youngsters need opportunities to extend themselves not only in the classroom or on the playing field but in ways in which we can holistically nurture and develop their giftedness – whether it is through leadership, philosophy, creativity or technology.

This understanding of what the gifted child needs has led them to develop this exciting new programme. ‘Achieving Excellence’ enables students to track and log their progress through a series of challenges whilst also providing them with access to workshops, aspirational speakers, accredited courses and an identified 'Achieving Excellence' tutor. The programme also gives the child deeper questioning and thinking opportunities for lessons to expand their minds and challenge them to extend themselves as far as possible.


Somerset County Council provides free transport for students in Years 7 – 11 to attend their catchment or nearest appropriate school and they live more than 3 miles shortest available walking distance from home to Stanchester Academy. This is run by the School Transport Department which organises the routes and contract buses. It is possible for other students to apply for a spare seat on a contract bus operated by Somerset School Transport. There is an annual charge for spare/unallocated seats.

In addition to transport provided by Somerset School Transport, Stanchester Academy has secured a 20% discount with South West Coaches for our students to use their Smart Card to travel to school using the Service Bus 81. This bus operates from Yeovil Town Centre/Preston Road/Brympton/Lufton/Montacute to Stanchester Academy.

Should your child not be eligible to free transport provided by Somerset County Council or there are no spare/unallocated seats available on a contract bus or you do not live in districts served by Service Bus 81 then we may be able to offer your child free transport. This will be provided by Stanchester Academy in our new school mini bus which we took delivery of in November 2014.


Stanchester Academy was originally a "Secondary Modern" School, becoming a "Comprehensive" School in 1974 as a result of the abandonment of Grammar School education in the Yeovil area by the then Conservative controlled Somerset County Council. In August 2011, the school became an academy, and since 1 September 2013, it has been headed by Mr. Jason Beardmore.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Sarah Atkins, who left in 2005 and is now the global brand manager for Walls ice cream. Zoe Fletcher who left in 2008 and is currently studying at Oxford University. Eleanor Roda and Amber Pavey, who both left in 2013, have been offered places to study at Oxford University. Jordan Storey who left in 2014, has been selected for the England Schools U18s Football Team.


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