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StandUp for Kids is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to help rescue homeless and at-risk youth in America. StandUp for Kids is run almost entirely by volunteers, and has established more than 35 outreach programs in over 18 states. It is the largest all-volunteer charity organization dedicated to making a difference to street kids that are at-risk or homeless.[1]


The mission of StandUp for Kids is to help rescue homeless and at-risk youths. StandUp for Kids volunteers work directly with the homeless youth population and go on the streets to find, stabilize, and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives. In addition, StandUp For Kids goes beyond street outreach and extends to deterrence and resource programs that are provided in schools and via the internet.


StandUp for Kids is run almost entirely by volunteers. Volunteers fill a variety of positions, such as executive director, public relations manager, community resource director, outreach and apartment support directors, and adult training directors. StandUp for Kids is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia[2] and has offices in other large cities, including Cincinnati.[3]

"Don't Run Away" program[edit]

Don't Run Away (DRA) is a branch of StandUp for Kids whose main purpose is giving presentations to elementary and middle school students about the consequences and alternatives of running away. The presentations are given by college and high school students, targeted for third to eighth graders. Each child is given a DRA card, which includes contacts to call if they or someone they know is in an abusive situation or intends to run away from home.

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month[edit]

November was officially declared as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month by the United States Congress on July 11, 2007. November 2007 marked the first time that National Homeless Youth Awareness Month was officially recognized.


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