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Standard Chartered Bank (Uganda)
Type Private
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1912
Headquarters 5 Speke Road, Kampala, Uganda
Key people Robin Kibuuka PhD[1]
Herman Kasekende
Managing Director[2]
Products Loans, Checking, Savings, Investments, Debit Cards
Revenue Increase Aftertax: US$51.6 million (UGX:132 billion) (2012)[3]
Total assets US$964.6 million (UGX:2.5 trillion) (2012)[4]
Employees 629 (2012)[5]

Standard Chartered Uganda, whose official name is Standard Chartered Bank (Uganda) Limited, but is often referred to as Stanchart Uganda, is a commercial bank in Uganda. It is one of the banks licensed by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator.[6]


Stanchart Uganda is a large bank, serving large corporate clients, upscale retail customers and medium to large business enterprises. As of December 2012, it was the second largest commercial bank in Uganda, by assets, with an estimated asset base of US$965 million (UGX:2.5 trillion), behind Stanbic Bank. As of December 2012, shareholders' equity stood at approximately US$142.5 million (UGX:372 billion).[7] As of June 2013, Stanchart Uganda owned an estimated 16.2% of total bank assets in the country.[8]


Founded in August 1912, Standard Chartered Uganda, is the oldest commercial bank in the country. It has maintained a continuous banking presence in the country ever since. In 1998 Stanchart Uganda acquired four branches of former Uganda Cooperative Bank. As of November 2013, SCBU has a network of 13 branches, 32 ATMs and employs over 600 people.[9]


Stanchart Uganda is a 100% subsidiary of the Standard Chartered Bank Group, an International financial services conglomerate, headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, with operations in more than seventy countries and a network of over 1,700 branches, employing in excess of 73,000 people.[10] The stock of the Standard Chartered Bank Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Branch network[edit]

As of June 2014, the bank has a network of interconnected branches at the following locations, arranged alphabetically:[11]

  1. Acacia Branch - Acacia Shopping Mall, Kololo, Kampala[12]
  2. City Branch - 9 William Street, Kampala
  3. Freedom City Branch - Freedom City Mall, 4010 Entebbe Road, Namasuba
  4. Garden City Branch - Garden City Shopping Mall, 64 - 84 Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala
  5. Gulu Branch - 3 Andrea Ola Road, Gulu
  6. Jinja Branch - 2-4 Grant Road, Jinja
  7. Kikuubo Branch - Kikuubo Lane, Kampala
  8. Lugogo Branch - Forest Mall, 2-8 Lugogo Bypass Road, Kampala
  9. Mbale Branch - 37 Republic Street, Mbale
  10. Mbarara Branch - 24 High Street, Mbarara
  11. Mortgage Branch - Garden City Mall, 64-84 Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala (Specializes in mortgage products)
  12. Naalya Branch - Shop #83, Metroplex Mall, 103 Kampala Northern Bypass, Naalya
  13. Ndeeba Branch - 1156 Masterwood Plaza, Ndeeba
  14. Speke Road Branch - 5 Speke Road, Kampala Head Office

Management Board[edit]

The Managing Director of Standard Chartered Bank (Uganda) is Herman Kasekende, a native of the Uganda, who has been serving as the regional head of SME products and solutions at Standard Chartered Group's regional headquarters, based in Nairobi, Kenya.[13]

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