Standard Chartered Bank Building

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This article is about the building in Hong Kong. For the building in Singapore, see Marina Bay Financial Centre.
Standard Chartered Bank Building
Standard Chartered Bank Building.jpg
View of Standard Chartered Bank Building from Queen's Road Central. The building on the right is the HSBC Main Building
General information
Location Central, Hong Kong
Construction started 1987
Completed 1990
Opening 1990
Owner Hang Lung Group
Roof 185 m (607 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 42
Floor area 4,814 m2 (51,820 sq ft) (Retail)
23,730 m2 (255,400 sq ft) (Office)
28,544 m2 (307,250 sq ft) (total Gross Floor Area)
16 Carpark spaces
Design and construction
Architect P & T Architects & Engineers
Developer Hang Lung Group
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)

The Standard Chartered Bank Building is a skyscraper located in the Central district of Hong Kong. The tower rises 42 floors and 185 metres (607 ft) in height.[1] The building was completed in 1990.[1] It was designed by architectural firm P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd..[1] The Standard Chartered Bank Building, which stands as the 85th-tallest building in Hong Kong, is composed entirely of commercial office space.[1]

The current site was home to the 79 metres (also built by P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd.) Chartered Bank Building (Hong Kong) in 1959,and renewal in 1987.[1]


In 1987, the time of Negotiations of Hong Kong sovereignty, the land "owner", The Standard Chartered Bank owned the life-time (999 years, until 2854) lease agreement with the Hong Kong Government, signed an agreement with Hang Lung Group, which the latter now own the land and the building and responded the development cost and entire construction management. While Hang Lung Group required to lease back part of the floor area to Standard Chartered Bank for a long period with a low fees. Hang Lung Group currently owned the income of the rental area of 22,101m² and the income from the rest of the area will returned to Hang Lung in 2012.[2]

Current occupants[edit]

Nowadays the building is home of Hang Lung Group headquarters and headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), although the latter main operation office is now located in Millennium City 1.

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Coordinates: 22°16′48.26″N 114°9′32.55″E / 22.2800722°N 114.1590417°E / 22.2800722; 114.1590417