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Standing Ovation
StandingOvation poster.jpg
Directed by Stewart Raffill
Produced by
  • Diane Kirman
  • James Brolin
  • Suzanne Nunez
  • William Lewis
  • Mario Macaluso
  • Gary Tex Brockette
  • Al Sapienza
  • Art Smith Jr.
  • Jennifer Tini
  • Jim Walsh
Written by Stewart Raffill
  • Kayla Jackson
  • Alexis Biesiada
  • Najee Wilson
  • Pilar Martin
  • Kayla Raparelli
  • Austin Powell
  • Erika Corvette
  • Sal Dupree
  • Alanna Palombo
  • Joei DeCarlo
Music by Benedikt Brydern
Cinematography Jon Darbonne
Edited by Laurie McDowell
Kenilworth Film Productions
Release dates
  • July 16, 2010 (2010-07-16)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5.6 million
Box office $531,806

Standing Ovation is a musical film written and directed by Stewart Raffill. Produced by Kenilworth Film Productions, Standing Ovation had a limited theatrical release on July 16, 2010.

During the promotion of Standing Ovation, the cast performed at venues across the US while traveling in a tour bus.[1] Performances included a show before a crowd of 60,000 at the Dallas Freedom Concert[2] and an appearance on the main stage at Knott’s Berry Farm in California.[3]

Standing Ovation premiered at Universal CityWalk which was attended by Barbra Streisand as well as James and Josh Brolin. After the film's opening, the cast of Standing Ovation performed a concert raising $60,000 for the children of the Ranfurly Home Orphanage in The Bahamas.[4] [5]


Standing Ovation is a comedy with original song and dance numbers that tell the story of how fearless faith and the bond of friendship enable a street smart group of youthful talent to sing and dance their way to the fulfilment of their dreams. Standing Ovation features kids in all of its principal roles and tells its story through their optimistic eyes.


  • Kayla Jackson Cruz as Brittany O'Brien
  • Pilar Martin as Blaze
  • Kayla Raparelli as Cameron
  • Najee Wilson as Maya
  • Alexis Biesiada as Tatiana
  • Joei deCarlo as Joei Battaluci
  • Rocco Fiorentino
  • Alanna Polombo as Alanna Wannabe
  • Bobby Harper as Mr. Wannabe
  • Austin Powell as Mark O'Brien
  • P. Brendan Mulvey as Gramps
  • William McKenna as Eric Bateman
  • Brooke Feldman as Duet Girl
  • Joann Reagan as Nursing Home Dance Captain
  • Mario Macaluso as Kenny Rich
  • Dexter Darden as MC John/'Diverse' Male Singing Group member
  • Sal Dupree as Mr. Wiggs
  • Jeana Zettler as Zoey Wiggs
  • London Clark as Ziggy Wiggs
  • Erika Corvette as Angel Wiggs
  • Devon Jordan as Twiggy Wiggs
  • Susie Newstadter as Ms. Wiggs
  • Ashley Cutrona as Zita Wiggs
  • Paula Tramutolo as Jasmine
  • Mikey P. as Charity Dance Group member/'Dancing Girl' Rapper
  • Brian Jenkins as Charity Dance Group member
  • Michael Henriquez as Charity Dance Group member
  • Kristen Ferry as Charity Dance Group member


The Standing Ovation soundtrack was released by Kenliworth Films on May 25, 2010 on AmazonMP3.[6] On August 3, 2010, the album was released on iTunes[7][8] and split into two CDs, one which features The Wiggies, and the other, featuring The 5 Ovations.

The film features a cover of River Deep - Mountain High originally by Tina Turner and Phil Spector[9] as well as an original song titled Blush by Billboard hit songwriter and record producer Roy "Royalty" Hamilton III. Hamilton scored his first Number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit when he co-wrote and co-produced Stutter.

Award winning Composer/Producer, Edward B. Kessel, produced and wrote several of the songs on the Standing Ovation Soundtrack including Dancing Girls. Ed has composed, arranged and produced Top 40 Songs, Music For Broadway, Orchestral and Chamber Music, Film Scores, and TV Soundtracks.

Track List confirmed by AmazonMP3.[6]

  1. All I Wanna Do Is Sing - The 5 Ovations
  2. Scream - The 5 Ovations
  3. Blush - The Wiggies (Produced By: Roy "Royalty" Hamilton III)
  4. Thing 4 U - Diverse
  5. That Boy - The Wiggies
  6. Superstar - The Wiggies
  7. Crazy Feet - The 5 Ovations
  8. Soup to Nuts - Mr. Wiggs and The Wiggies
  9. The Runway (feat. Daade) - Dacav5 (produced by N Pa)
  10. The Music Is Dropping You (feat. Daade) - Dacav5 (produced by Daade)
  11. Dancing Girl - The Wiggies
  12. Shooting Star - The 5 Ovations
  13. Turn It Up - Mr. Wiggs
  14. Our Songs Begins Again - Jacklyne Tasca
  15. Standing Ovation - Austin Powell and Devon Jordan
  16. All I Wanna Do Is Sing (Single Mix) - Alexis Biesiada


Critical Reception[edit]

Standing Ovation received mixed to positive reviews from family-centric critcs. It received the Dove Seal of Approval for the family audience. Dove said “ This is a comical musical about a group of young singers and dancers as they try to make their dreams come true. It’s an upbeat film geared towards the tween set.”[10] Roger Moore in Paradise Post said “Director Stewart Raffill (The New Swiss Family Robinson) is an old pro who at least makes the laughs work.”[11] Scholastic News Magazine Kids Press Corps said “Standing Ovation is a rocking and colorful movie about musical competitions, friendship, loyalty, and dreams—BIG DREAMS!“[12]

However, the movie was heavily panned by mainstream critics. Joe Leydon of Variety Magazinecalled it “at once annoyingly hyper and underwhelmingly dull.”[13] Rotten Tomatoes has an audience score of 47% that liked it; 6% on the Tomatometer and reports no consensus.[14] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle said "Standing Ovation is an innovative film in the sense that every minute or so it comes up with a different way of being annoying."[15] Though Gary Thompson of Philadelphia Daily News said "Standing Ovation will have its work cut out for it at the viciously competitive box office, but the film may serve as a springboard for the eager and able talent on display.”[16] It has a score of 22 on Metacritic by the critics but a user score with mixed and average reviews.[17] Last Airbender and Standing Ovation appear on the Worst of 2010 movie list by Ain’t It Cool News.[18] Chris Hewitt of the St. Paul Pioneer Press said that he “had never heard of the people in Standing Ovation and I hope to never hear of any of them again.”[19]

Some critics have claimed, despite the negative reviews, that the film's cast was considered a stand-out. Carrie Rickey of The Philadelphia Inquirer said “the cast is full of fresh-faced unknowns ready for their close-ups. Most likely to succeed is Kayla Jackson, an almond-eyed dreamer.” [20] William Bibbiani of Geekscape says “Standing Ovation is film that received a small theatrical run in the middle of the summer. You were probably too busy watching Inception to notice. The film was written and directed by Stewart Raffill, who also helmed the wonderful 1980s sci-fi action romp The Ice Pirates, and features a cast of dozens of youngsters competing in a music video contest..." " theaters around the country audiences are slowly beginning to discover Standing Ovation, one of the must-see movies of the year.”[21]

“Call it Junior High School Musical” Rachel Smith On the Red Carpet KABC-TV [22]

Jack Fitcher of the Cape May County Herald said “The movie is rich in dance numbers set to music that will be loved by teens and pre-teens which is the target audience. Even though this reporter is about 30 years older than the targeted demographic, I got caught up in the plot and enjoyed seeing so much local talent on the screen.” [23] “It has been called a history making tween musical movie; a combination of high energy of High School Musical and the pace of A Minute To Win It.” The Punch Bahamas Newspaper

Box Office[edit]

According to Box Office Mojo, the film had a limited release and earned a gross of $531,806 in the United States.[24]

Home Media[edit]

The film was released on DVD format as of November 29, 2010.


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