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Standing Point Films (also known recently as "Standing Point Productions") is an independent visual and audio media production house based in Chicago and specializing in documentary and socially critical media projects.


Founded in the summer 2004, Standing Point Films began by building on the success of "Whatever You Destroy," a short documentary film about gentrification and working class artists in the city of Ann Arbor shot while Yoni Goldstein and Max Sussman were students at the University of Michigan. Soon after graduating, Yoni Goldstein formed the company as a vehicle for socially critical and community oriented independent film production. Although working within the avant garde and experimental film/video art tradition, the impulse is to articulate politically charged narratives in creative and approachable formats.

Since its inception, Standing Point broadened its scope to include collaborations with musicians Breathe Owl Breathe and Fox on a Hill Productions, as well as welcoming Meredith Zielke as co-director, photographer, and audio producer.

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