Standing Rules of the United States Senate, Rule IV

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Rule IV of the Standing Rules of the United States Senate, established by the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration governs commencement of daily sessions of the Senate.

Opening a business day[edit]

Paragraph 1(a) states that after the Presiding Officer has taken the chair, after the Chaplain's prayer, and after the Presiding Officer, or a Senator designated by the Presiding Officer, leads the Senate from the dais in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and a quorum being present, the Senate Journal of the preceding day shall be read unless by non-debatable motion the reading shall be waived, the question being, "Shall the Journal stand approved to date?," and any mistake made in the entries corrected. Subparagraph (b) states that the only the suspension of the reading of the Journal shall be by unanimous consent. Any motion shall be made to amend or correct the same, it shall be deemed a privileged question, and proceeded with until disposed of.

Dispensing of the Journal[edit]

Paragraph 1(b) states whenever the Senate is proceeding under paragraph 2 of Rule XXII, the reading of the Journal shall be dispensed with and shall be considered approved to date.

Journal details[edit]

Paragraph 1(c) states that the proceedings of the Senate shall "be briefly and accurately stated on the Journal." Messages of the President are to be in full text. Titles of bills and resolutions as well as parts that will be affected by proposed amendments; every vote, and a brief statement of the contents of each petition, memorial, or paper presented to the Senate, shall be entered.

Other recording[edit]

Paragraph 1(d) states the legislative, the executive, the confidential legislative proceedings, and the proceedings when sitting as a Court of Impeachment, shall each be recorded in a separate book.

Continuous session[edit]

Paragraph 2 states that during a session of the Senate when that body is in continuous session, the Presiding Officer shall temporarily suspend the business of the Senate at noon each day for the purpose of having the customary daily prayer by the Chaplain.