Standing Rules of the United States Senate, Rule XI

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Rule XI of the Standing Rules of the United States Senate, established by the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, governs papers or documents and their withdrawal, printing, reading, and referencing within the Senate.

Paragraph 1 states that no memorial or other paper presented to the Senate can be withdrawn from its files except by order of the Senate. The exception is original treaties finally acted upon.

Paragraph 2 states the Secretary of the United States Senate shall obtain all noncurrent records of the Senate and of each Senate committee at the close of each Congress. These records are to be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration for preservation, subject to the orders of the Senate.

Paragraph 3 states that when the reading of a paper is called for, and objected to, it shall be determined by a vote of the Senate, without debate.

Paragraph 4 states that every motion or resolution for the printing be referred to the Committee on Rules and Administration. This includes documents, reports, and other matter transmitted by the executive departments. Print memorials, petitions, accompanying documents, or any other paper, except bills of the Senate or House of Representatives. Resolutions submitted by a Senator. Lawfully called for communications from the legislatures or conventions of the respective States unless the Senate otherwise order. When a motion is made to commit with instructions, it shall be in order to add thereto a motion to print.

Paragraph 5 states motions or resolutions for the printing of additional numbers, shall also be referred to the Committee on Rules and Administration. When the committee reports favorably, the report shall be accompanied by an estimate of the probable cost thereof. When the cost of printing such additional numbers exceeds the sum established by law, the concurrence of the House of Representatives shall be necessary for an order to print the same.

Paragraph 6 states that every bill and joint resolution shall be printed. This includes bills and joint resolutions introduced or reported from a committee, all bills and joint resolutions received from the House of Representatives, and all reports of Senate committees. For the dispatch of the business of the Senate, such printing may be dispensed with.