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Stanislaus de Lubienietz

Stanisław Lubieniecki (German: Stanislaus de Lubienietz, also Lubiniezky or Lubyenyetsky ) (August 23, 1623 in Raków, Kielce County – May 18, 1675 in Hamburg) was a Polish Socinian theologist, historian, astronomer, and writer.


He was born into an aristocratic family closely linked with Socinianism:

Father: Krzysztof Lubieniecki (1598–1648) Arian minister
Son: Teodor Bogdan Lubieniecki (1654-c.1718) painter, graphic artist
Son: Krzysztof Lubieniecki (1659–1729) painter, engraver
Grandfather: Krzysztof Lubieniecki(1561–1624) Arian writer
Uncle: Andrzej Lubieniecki Jr. (1590–1667) historian
Grandfather's brother: Stanisław Lubieniecki (1558–1633) Arian theologian
Grandfather's brother: Andrzej Lubieniecki (c.1551–1623) Arian writer – author of Poloneutychia
Uncle: Florian Morsztyn (c.1530–1587)
Uncle: Mikołaj Przypkowski (c.1570–1672)
Uncle: Joachim Rupniowski (d.1641) Arian minister


From 1646–1650, Stanislaus studied at the Racovian Academy.

His Socinian hometown Raków, Kielce County was founded about a hundred years earlier and had about 15,000 inhabitants. A decree by the Polish Sejm of 1639 forbade religions other than Catholicism (counter-reformation). The inhabitants of his hometown were expelled and their homes destroyed and by 1700 only 700 people remained.

Stanislaus then went to study in France and the Netherlands, he came to live in Hamburg where he met considerable resistance from the Lutheran clergy. Lubieniecki and his two daughters Catherine Salomea and Griselda Constance, died of mercury poisoning, probably as the result of a mistake by a domestic servant. His wife survived.[1][2][3]


His 1666–68 work Theatrum Cometicum, or "Theatre of Comets", is an illustrated anthology of 415 comets from the biblical epoch of the deluge up until 1665. The crater Lubiniezky on the Moon is named in his honor.


  • Historia Reformationis Polonicae... (1685) published posthumously by Benedykt Wiszowaty
  • Theatrum cometicum... (1668)


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