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Dr Stanislav Edward Shmelev is an ecological economist affiliated with the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), currently holding a position of a Director of an NGO Environment Europe, Oxford, UK.

Shmelev has been a Senior Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute of the Oxford University (2008–2009) and currently is a Senior Visiting Research Associate at the Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment. The main themes of his work have been the theory of ecological economics, methods of sustainability assessment at the macro scale, environmentally extended input-output analysis, evaluation of biodiversity, sustainable energy and waste management. Shmelev has been lecturing in ecological economics at the University of Geneva (2007) and University of Oxford (2008–2009). In 2008-2009 he organized a series of lectures in ecological economics at the University of Oxford:


The works of Dr Stanislav Shmelev can be grouped in the following areas.

Ecological Economics[edit]

Shmelev S. E. (2012) Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice has just been published by Springer:

In a concise and crisp manner, this book presents the state of the art in ecological economics, an interdisciplinary field focused on the analysis of sustainability of global, national and regional economic systems. An elegant guide, the book offers a range of cutting edge methods used in sustainability research including multicriteria decision aid (MCDA), input-output analysis, and life cycle analysis.

This book is packed with references for students with some background in economics, environmental science or mathematics who aim to develop the analytical skills required for redirecting our development path towards sustainability in government, international organisations, academia, non-profit sector and business. As such, the book is primarily aimed at MSc and first year PhD students reading for degrees in Environmental Change and Management, Ecological Economics, Environmental Management, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and those taking part in similar programmes.

Sustainability assessment at the macro scale[edit]

Dr Shmelev developed a novel method of sustainability assessment that uses the potential of multicriteria decision aid tools (MCDA) and applies them to the dynamic sets of sustainability criteria. This research dimension has grown out of the series of lectures he gave at the leading European universities on sustainability of Russia, a very complex case, where social and environmental aspects of economic development have often been neglected. This methodology is particularly important for defining sustainability, assessing the progress towards sustainability of a given society or system. Several applied cases have been published now:

Shmelev S. (2010) Multidimensional Analysis of Macro Sustainability of Russia, Politex, Vol. 4, pp. 115–133

Shmelev S. and Rodrigues-Labajos B. (2009) Dynamic Multicriteria Assessment of Macro Sustainability: Case Study of Austria, Ecological Economics, Vol. 68, Issue 10, pp. 2560–2573

Multidimensional assessment of biodiversity[edit]

In 2009 the United Nations Environment Programme invited Dr Stanislav Shmelev to be a reviewer for The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Report:

Sustainable energy[edit]

In 2009 Dr Shmelev was interviewed for the European Union Euronews Channel on the issues of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development:

Sustainable waste management[edit]

Sustainable cities[edit]

The issue of sustainable cities has been dealt with by Dr Shmelev in the context of the interdisciplinary linkages in the development of large cities. He co-organized two international workshops on sustainable cities at the University of Oxford and Saint Petersburg State University.

The first workshop resulted in a book: Shmeleva I. A. and Shmelev S. E. (Eds) (2007) Sustainable Urban Development: Interdisciplinary Approach, St Petersburg State University, 265 pp.

The second workshop produced a special issue of the International Journal of Sustainable Development entirely devoted to sustainable cities:,2,38;linkingpublicationresults,1:110889,1;&absoluteposition=1#A1