Stanislava Komarova

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Stanislava Komarova
Medal record
Women's swimming
Competitor for  Russia
Olympic Games
Silver 2004 Athens 200 m backstroke
World Championships (LC)
Silver 2001 Fukuoka 200 m backstroke
Bronze 2003 Barcelona 200 m backstroke
European Championships (LC)
Gold 2002 Berlin 100 m backstroke
Gold 2002 Berlin 200 m backstroke
Gold 2004 Madrid 200 m backstroke
Silver 2004 Madrid 100 m backstroke
European Championships (SC)
Silver 2003 Dublin 200 m backstroke
Bronze 2002 Riesa 200 m backstroke

Stanislava Stanislavovna Komarova (Russian: Станислава Станиславовна Комарова; born 12 June 1986 in Moscow) is a Russian swimmer. She won the silver medal in the 200 m backstroke at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Komarova is one of the few modern swimmers who competes without goggles.

Presently, she is training in Tenero, Switzerland, with Guennadi Touretski as coach.

She swims with Benjamin Le Maguet and Danilo Zocco.

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