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Stanley M. Horton, Th.D. (May 6, 1916–July 12, 2014),[1] was a theologian within the Pentecostal movement and the author of numerous books. He was Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Bible and Theology at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, Missouri.

His degrees included an M. Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, an S.T.M. from Harvard University, and a Th.D. from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. [2]


A prolific writer, Horton authored and co-authored numerous books:

  • Systematic Theology a Pentecostal Perspective
  • What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit, 1976. Revised edition (2005), ISBN 978-0-88243-359-2
  • Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective (with William Menzies), 1993. Logion Press. ISBN 978-0-88243-318-9
  • The Holy Spirit a Pentecostal Perspective (with Anthony Palma)
  • Elements of a Christian Worldview (with Michael Palmer)
  • Ministerial Ethics: A Guide for Spirit Filled Leaders (with T. Burton Pierce)
  • They Spoke from God: A Survey of the Old Testament (with Willian Williams)
  • Isaiah: A Logion Press Commentary (with Roger D. Cotton)
  • The Book of Acts : The Wind of the Spirit
  • Our Destiny: Biblical Teachings on the Last Things
  • Tongues and Prophecy: How to Know When a Gift of Utterance is in Order
  • Acts: A Logion Press Commentary
  • Perspectives On Spirit Baptism: Five Views (with Ralph Del Colle, H. Ray Dunning, and Larry Hart)
  • Missions in the Age of the Spirit (with John York), 2000. Logion Press. ISBN 978-0-88243-464-3
  • Psalm in Your Heart (with George Wood)
  • A Commentary on I and II Corinthians
  • The Ultimate Victory: An Exposition of the Book of Revelation
  • Into All Truth: A Survey of the Course and Content of Divine Revelation

External links[edit]

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