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London Underground
Stanmore tube station 1.jpg
Stanmore is located in Greater London
Location of Stanmore in Greater London
Location Stanmore
Local authority Harrow
Managed by London Underground
Number of platforms 3
Accessible Yes [1]
Fare zone 5
London Underground annual entry and exit
2009 Increase 2.78 million[2]
2010 Decrease 2.68 million[3]
2011 Increase 3.02 million[4]
2012 Increase 3.36 million[4]
Key dates
1932 Opened
31 March 1936 Goods yard closed[5]
Other information
Lists of stations
Portal icon London Transport portalCoordinates: 51°37′10″N 0°18′10″W / 51.6194°N 0.3028°W / 51.6194; -0.3028

Stanmore tube station is a London Underground station at Stanmore. It is the northern terminus of the Jubilee line; the previous station is Canons Park. It is in Travelcard Zone 5. As the western half of the Jubilee Line runs closer to north-south than east-west, Stanmore is the northernmost station on the Jubilee Line.


Stanmore station was opened on 10 December 1932, as the terminus of the eponymous branch of the Metropolitan line. This branch was transferred to the Bakerloo line in 1939 and again to the Jubilee Line in 1979.

The station is on the south side of London Road, part of the A410. There is a traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossing across London Road. Between that road and the station, there is a service road used by buses stopping at the station.

In 1934, a proposal to extend the Metropolitan line onwards to Elstree station on the Northern Heights plan was discussed by the LPTBs Engineering Committee; this would allow Metropolitan trains to stable at the proposed Aldenham depot. It would have required 1.2 miles of double track tunnel;[6] Stanmore station being constructed with possible further extension in mind.

Unusually for an above-ground station, the ticket office is not in the entrance hall but downstairs at platform level, although a large bay area now containing rarely used public telephones once held the booking hall. The station building also incorporates a number of retail units. Just to the right of the entrance is a minicab office, and to the right of that is a newsagent. To the left is a traditional barber's shop.

In 2005, Transport for London began the construction of a third platform at the station. While this was structurally complete as of summer 2009 it could not be opened until new signalling equipment on that part of the line was brought into use. This delayed the opening of the platform until July 2011.

Stanmore Village station[edit]

From 1890 until 1952 Stanmore was also served by a branch line (built by the LNWR) from Harrow and Wealdstone, with one intermediate station at Belmont, opened in 1932 (possibly as a counter to the opening of the Metropolitan branch line). This Stanmore station was entirely separate from the Underground station of the same name. It was located on the south side of the junction of Gordon Avenue and Old Church Lane; the station was later known as "Stanmore Village" to avoid confusion with the Underground station. Stanmore Village station was closed by British Railways in 1952, with Belmont going the same way in 1964.


Transport links[edit]

Stanmore is served by the following London Bus Routes:

Route Destination Destination
107 Edgware New Barnet
142 Brent Cross Watford
324 Brent Cross
340 Edgware Harrow
H12 South Harrow

Stanmore is also served by the following Night London Bus Routes:

Route Destination
N98 Holborn

Stanmore is also served by the following Local Bus Routes (Monday-Saturday only)

Route Destination Destination
615 Hatfield Stanmore Station


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