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Aerial view
Elevation 1,898 m (6,227 ft)
Prominence 500 m (1,640 ft)[1]
Stanserhorn is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland
Location Nidwalden, Switzerland (near the border with Obwalden)
Range Urner Alps
Coordinates 46°55′47″N 8°20′25″E / 46.92972°N 8.34028°E / 46.92972; 8.34028Coordinates: 46°55′47″N 8°20′25″E / 46.92972°N 8.34028°E / 46.92972; 8.34028
Easiest route Cable car

The Stanserhorn is a mountain located in Switzerland, specifically, in the canton of Nidwalden close to the border with Obwalden, at 1898 meters above sea level.

In 1893 a funicular railway was built to transport people from the base of the mountain to the summit, with the upper section being replaced in the 1970s by a cable car. From the top, one can view as far as Alsace, France and The Black Forest in Germany.[2]

In 2001, a revolving restaurant was built on the top.

On 29 June 2012, a new cable car CabriO was opened to the public, with a capacity of 60 persons in each of the two cars. Unusually, it has a double decker arrangement, and is claimed to be the first in the world with an open-air upper deck, which has standing room for 30 persons. This runs from Kälti (Chälti on some maps) to the summit,[3] with the original 1893 funicular railway running from the base at Stans to this intermediate station.



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