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StarStruck 6 titlecard.jpg
StarStruck logo for 2014.
Presented by Dingdong Dantes
(2003-09, 2014-present)
Country of origin Philippines
No. of seasons 7 (including the Kids version)
No. of episodes 329 (2003-07)
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
(2003-2007, 2009-2010)
Running time Varies between 1/2 an hour – 2 hours
Production company(s) GMA New Media, Inc.
Distributor GMA Network
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original run October 27, 2003 – present
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StarStruck is a Philippine reality talent competition created by GMA Network. It debuted on October 27, 2003, and has since become one of the most popular shows reality competition programs on Philippine television.

The program seeks to discover new actors (or stars) in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The Filipino public votes for the outcomes of the later stages through text voting and half of the results are from the judges (more popularly known as council).

StarStruck is considered as one of the Philippines' "starmaking platforms" as it is the birthplace of the careers of some of the top television and movie personalities in the Philippines such as Jennylyn Mercado, Cristine Reyes, Paulo Avelino, Megan Young, and Aljur Abrenica.

The most recent winners are Steven Silva, who represented Davao, and Sarah Lahbati, who represented Cavite and is originally from Switzerland, winning in 2010.

The sixth season will air on 2015. After a five-year hiatus, GMA Network decided to re-launch the reality show for its sixth season.[1][2] Dingdong Dantes will reprise his role as host and Iya Villania will replace former host Carla Abellana. Also not returning is the fifth season's Dennis Trillo.


Across the nation, casting tours are held in different regions, wherein hopeful contestants are screened by preliminary panels to be selected for star quality, acting talent, or humorous potential and human interest. The audition process is long, beginning with thousands of hopefuls showcasing their talents and interviewed by the panelists.

The competition heats-up when the hopefuls are cut down to fourteen young hopefuls and be the official contestants for a respective Season.

During the finals, the finalists were eliminated one by one until three pairs remain. After two weeks, one pair will be eliminated. The remaining four advanced to the final judgment where the winners were proclaimed. In season 2, the Wildcard twist was introduced. The wildcard week occurred when there were 6 finalists remained. The eliminated finalists were given a chance to come back in the competition. The week ended resulting to Benj Pacia's elimination and CJ Muere replaced Pacia in the competition. During Season 4, the said twist was then again introduced that benefited Mart Escudero and Rich Asuncion who both secured a spot in the final judgment. Season 5, on the other hand, had five finalists who advanced in the grand finals or The Final Judgment.

The Final Judgment will award the finalists' respective titles. There are two ultimate survivors, a male and a female, at the end of every season. The winners are determined through the average of the text and online votes plus the decision of the three members of the StarStruck Council. However, in season three, from the two ultimate survivors, there was an Ultimate Sole Survivor title (won by Marky Cielo) that earned the winner extra prizes. While in season four, instead of a final four, the format differentiates by choosing the final six as there was four big winners composed of Ultimate Love Team, Ultimate Hunk, and Ultimate Sweet Heart. In season 5, the titles Ultimate Male Survivor and Ultimate Female Survivor were given once again.

Council and hosts[edit]

The council, (it is considered as the judges) give critiques of the contestants performances depending on the challenges that are being given to the contestants. Since season 1, the council had a lot of members including Joey de Leon (actor, singer-songwriter and comedian), Joyce Bernal (multi-awarded directress), Ida Henares (by then GMA Networks Artist Center Head), Louie Ignacio (director), Lorna Tolentino (a Grandslam actress), and the late Douglas Quijano (one of showbiz industry's respected talent manager). There was a new set of council for the fifth season as the show went to a three year hiatus. The council's members were Lolit Solis (well known talent manager), Floy Quintos (a Palanca awardee) and Iza Calzado (multi-awarded actress).

For the StarStruck Kids, the members of the council included Christopher de Leon (multi-awarded actor), Janice de Belen (actress) and Aiza Seguerra (a former child star turned musician).

The show has been hosted by Dingdong Dantes from the first season up to the fourth season. Jolina Magdangal hosted the Kids version and eventually became Dantes' co-host since the second season up to the fourth season. Raymond Gutierrez joined Dantes and Magdangal from the third season until fourth season and was included in the fifth season. And Carla Abellana with Dennis Trillo as the new co-hosts of Gutierrez for the fifth season. Dantes was set to become the host for the 5th season but Trillo replaced Dantes as the latter replaced Richard Gomez to host Family Feud. Nancy Castiglione co-hosted the show with Dingdong Dantes from the first season.

Season synopses[edit]

Grand Finalists[edit]

Title Ultimate Love team Ultimate Male Survivor Ultimate Female Survivor Runner-up (Male) Runner-up (Female) Second Runner-up
StarStruck Mark Herras Jennylyn Mercado Not yet awarded Rainier Castillo Yasmien Kurdi Not yet awarded
Mike Tan Ryza Cenon CJ Muere LJ Reyes
StarStruck: The Nationwide Invasion Marky Cielo Jackie Rice Gian Carlos Iwa Moto
StarStruck: The Next Level Kris Bernal
Mart Escudero
Aljur Abrenica Jewel Mische Prince Stefan Rich Asuncion
StarStruck V Steven Silva Sarah Lahbati N/A Enzo Pineda Diva Montelaba Rocco Nacino

Season 1[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (Season 1)

StarStruck was first announced on the GMA Network Sunday entertainment program SOP, where the hosts invited teenagers to audition for the upcoming StarStruck season. Much of the auditions were held at SM Supermalls throughout the Philippines.

The first season of StarStruck was then directed by Lino Cayetano, and was hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Nancy Castiglione. The council, which guides the finalists throughout the competition are composed of Joey De Leon, Ida Henares and Bb. Joyce Bernal.

The pilot episode aired on October 27, 2003. Out of thousands who auditioned for a stab at stardom, the initial cut of 100 was reduced to 60, from 60 to 30 and from 30 to only 14 teens as finalists. The Final Fourteen underwent various workshops and trainings in order to compare their personalities, talents, etc.

The twist is that every week, one of the Final 14 may have to bid goodbye until only four remain. Those who were eliminated were dubbed as "StarStruck Avengers". The Final Four Survivors will vie for the coveted "Ultimate Survivor" title.

Season 2[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (Season 2)

It was first aired on October 11, 2004 and ended on February 20, 2005 with a new set of Survivors and a more rigid tests. The same rules were applied in selecting the Ultimate Survivors.

The show primer aired the untold secrets of the first season's Final 14, the life they had before and after StarStruck and the changes StarStruck made into their lives. Nadince Samonte.

There were slight changes made in The Council. Bb. Joyce Bernal was replaced by director Louie Ignacio.

Season 3[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (Season 3)

StarStruck Season 3: The Nationwide Invasion started December 2005 and ended on March 12, 2006 (the Final Judgement) airing on Philippine TV replacing Darna. From millions of hopefuls from different provinces all over the Philippines, only 14 will have the chance to survive. If in the first two seasons, StarStruck is shown only weekdays having Friday as Elimination Night, this season Mondays to Fridays will be tests and Sundays would be the elimination night. The show held its Final Judgment on March 12, 2006.

This time, from the two Ultimate Survivors, a Sole Survivor will be picked who will win more than 10 million pesos worth of prizes, consisting of an exclusive GMA talent management contract, a new house and lot, a large cash prize and a livelihood showcase.

This season was hosted by Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal and Raymond Gutierrez, and members of The Council were Joey de Leon, Lorna Tolentino and Louie Ignacio.

Season 4[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (Season 4)

On September 3, 2006, GMA Network formally announced the return of their reality-based talent show now titled StarStruck: The Next Level (aka StarStruck 4), a new and improved edition of the popular show. Hosted by the same hosts and headed by The Council members' Lorna Tolentino, Louie Ignacio and Douglas Quijano, the show had its pilot episode on December 4, 2006.

In the 4th year of the reality-talent search, the age bracket for star wannabes was adjusted from 15-18 in previous batches to 16-21, a milestone in StarStruck History.

Unlike the previous batches which launched 14, this batch were trimmed down to twenty, dubbed as the "TOP 20". Also, four winners will be picked this year — Ultimate Sweetheart, Ultimate Hunk, and Ultimate Loveteam.

Just like in previous seasons, voting is via the internet and mobile phones and this constitutes 50% of the total scores of the survivors.

Season 5[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (season 5)

GMA Network announced that there will be a 5th season. Auditions for the new season started on the day it was launched on August 30, 2009. It has been confirmed that Dingdong Dantes, Raymond Guttierez and Carla Abellana (replacing Jolina Magdangal) would host the fifth season of StarStruck. The new StarStruck council is composed of stage writer and director Floy Quintos, actress Iza Calzado and Lolit Solis. Dennis Trillo became the replacement for Dingdong Dantes who later hosted for Family Feud where Richard Gomez, the original host of its show, ran for congressman of Ormoc.[3]

Major changes whappened on the show. The regular daily show became a daily update show that focused on the lives of the contestants and their activities and tests on the show. It was be hosted by the show's alumni, Mark Herras of season 1, LJ Reyes of season 2, Arci Muñoz of season 3 and Paulo Avelino of season 4. From seasons 3 and 4 the performance night and elimination night both happened during the Sunday show. This season there was be a Saturday edition and it is the performance night hosted by Raymond Gutierrez. The Sunday edition is the elimination night hosted by Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo.

Season 6[edit]

Main article: StarStruck (season 6)

After four years of hiatus, GMA Network announced that there will be a 6th season. It has been confirmed that Dingdong Dantes will host the show.


Main article: StarStruck Kids

After the phenomenal success of StarStruck, GMA Network was inspired to launch a kiddie version of the show. The first and the last of its kind in the StarStruck franchise, the show is geared towards finding new child wonders. The show was first aired on March 20, 2004 and was shown every weekdays.

The show featured young contestants aging from 5 to 7 years old. The rules for picking the two "Ultimate Survivors" were the same as the senior version of Starstruck. Seven boys and seven girls, also known as 14 K, were picked among hundreds who applied for the contest.

The Final Judgment was held on June 26, 2004 at the Aliw Theater. Ella Guevarra and Kurt Perez were the StarStruck Kids Ultimate Survivors.

Success in other field[edit]

Aside from producing well known celebrities, StarStruck also produces aspired beauty queens. Ailyn Luna, from second season, joined Binibining Pilipinas 2007 but unplaced; Rich Asuncion, who used the real name Richelle Angalot, joined Binibining Pilipinas 2009 and finished as the 1st runner up; Rhea Nakpil, from third season, joined Binibining Pilipinas 2013 and finished as semi-finalist. The most notable alumna is when Megan Young, the last 'avenger' from second season, made history when she was crowned as Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. Young is the first candidate from the Philippines to win the Miss World crown.[4]

Awards and nominations[edit]

StarStruck has been a recipient of various local Best Reality Show Awards as well as Best TV Hosts Awards for its past seasons.

It was also acclaimed internationally. The StarStruck: The Nationwide Invasion (Season 3) Final Judgment was awarded nominated and Highly Commended in the 2006 Asian TV Awards. The same StarStruck III: The Final Judgment was also a Finalist for Variety Special Category in the 2007 New York Festival TV Program & Promotion Awards.

Last November 18, Starstruck won again as Best Reality Talent Search Program in the 2007 PMPC Star Awards for TV, while Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal & Raymond Gutierrez as Best Reality Talent Search Program Hosts Winners.

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