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Star Anna, 2013
Star Anna, 2009

Star Anna (Star Anna Constantia Krogstie Bamford[1]) is an American vocalist and rhythm guitarist from Ellensburg, Washington, described by Barbara Mitchell of NPR as belonging to the genre of Americana[2] and by Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times as alt-country.[1] Duff McKagan wrote of her singing, "She is the real deal. There is a pain in her voice that comes from somewhere deep, a place I dare not ask where it comes from."[3] Brodeur described her as having "a voice full of bluster that will slam the door behind you, then find itself alone to take in the loneliness, the quiet, the beauty."[1]

Her band, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, includes Justin Davis (guitar), Keith Ash (bass), and Travis Yost (drums);[4] since summer 2010, the band has also included Ty Bailie on keyboards.[5] Davis replaced original guitarist Corey Dosch, who left the band to pursue his Ph.D.;[1] Ash replaced earlier bassist Frank Johnson.[6]

Life and musical career[edit]

Star Anna, born 1985, began playing drums at age 11. As a drummer, she played in a punk rock band called No Continuous Standing, while attending high school, then, by the age of 16, became a guitarist and started writing songs. Her early songs were specifically Christian but later she began to write more personal material.[1]

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs appeared with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra October 26, 2012. The orchestra performed two of Star Anna' songs, arranged by Scott Teske, and a piece composed by Teske with lyrics by Star Anna.[7]


  • Crooked Path (2008)
  • The Only Thing That Matters (2009)
  • Alone in This Together (2011)
  • Call Your Girlfriend (Single) (2012)
  • "Go to Hell" (2013)


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