Star King (TV series)

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Star King
Also known as Amazing Contest Star King
Genre Reality television / Comedy
Presented by Kang Ho-dong (2007 - 2011 / 2012 - Present)
Boom (2011 - 2013)
Leeteuk (2011 - 2012)
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
Producer(s) Bae Sung Woo
Kim Jin Ho
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 75-80 minutes per episode
Original channel SBS
Original run January 13, 2007 (2007-01-13) – Present
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Star King (Hangul: 놀라운 대회 스타킹; hanja: 大會 스타킹) is a South Korean television show which first aired on January 13, 2007, on the SBS network. Star King is the first TV show in Korea to run both online and on television simultaneously.


The show is composed of four segments:

  • Only This (딸랑 이거): featuring people with a humorous or unusual skill.
  • Train Me! (키워주세요): for contestants seeking to be famous.
  • Diet King (다이어트 킹): focusing on people attempting to lose weight. Shawn Lee, a previous winner, lost approximately 40 kg in 60 days.
  • Find the Hanbam Reporter (한밤 리포터를 찾아라): aired in Season 3, episode 160. Hanbam (for Hanbam-ui TV Yeonye, One Night of TV Entertainment) was another TV show on SBS featuring celebrities. The contestants originally auditioned on Star King.[1]

Viewers upload video showing unusual events and stories to the official website. People and animals with unusual talents are then invited onto the program. The audience votes for their favorite person, video or story. The prize money is awarded to the contestant who receives the most votes.[1]

Episodes typically feature people from a variety of countries, including Brazil, Mongolia and Kenya. Participants range from five to 101 years of age.

Critical Reception[edit]

At one point,[when?] Star King recorded the best audience ratings of any prime time TV show on Saturday. It suffered a drop in ratings after the "fabrication"[2] scandal.

Star King was originally hosted by Kang Ho Dong, a well-known emcee, who left the show after some[which?] controversy.

Episode Listing[edit]

Winners and Guests[edit]

  • Season 1: Grandpa Rain
  • Season 2: 11-year-old BoA
  • Seasons 3 and 4: 40-year-old Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Season 6: 10-year-old Ballad Genius Baek Ye-rin (now a member of 15&)[3]
  • Seasons 8 and 9: 5-year-old Mozart
  • Season 16: Magic Rainbow dance
  • Season 18 and 19: Dangerous boy
  • Season 21, 22, and 23: Gugak boy
  • Season 24 and 25: Spider man
  • Season 26: Fire breathing human
  • Season 33: One legged B-boy
  • Season 34: Treasure of Mongo
  • Season 38: Blind orchestra
  • Season 39: B-boy T.I.P.
  • Season 52: MoM B-boy
  • Season 57: Super Junior Band
  • Season 62, 64, and 65: Shadow Show
  • Season 68, 69, and 70: 11-year-old drummer
  • Season 79, 80, and 81: Two-handed guitar
  • Season 84, 85, and 86: Bubble Artist
  • Season 93, 95, and 96: OIDO Family Band
  • Season 140: Bucheon Bicycle F4
  • Season 142: 7-year-old B-boy


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