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Star Recordings is a New York based record label that was founded in 2001 by President Alan Macenat. The company is based around being an independent force in music and giving the artist they sign the creative freedom in their work. You can find all of Star Recordings releases at iTunes music store and other major digital music stores.


  • Stryke - "The MC VS The Instrumental" (2003)
  • Stryke - "On The Prowl" (2004)
  • Stryke - "Time For A Change" (2004)
  • Star Recordings Presents - "..." (2005)
  • Sakriligeous - "Orchestrated Madness" (2006)
  • Sindri - "Bout To Hit Da Bloc" (2007)
  • Sam Pollard - "Mixed Up" (2007)

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