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Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3
StarTrekEnterprise Season 3.jpg
Blu-Ray cover art
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original channel UPN
Original run September 10, 2003 (2003-09-10) – May 26, 2004 (2004-05-26)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 September 27, 2005 (2005-09-27)
Region 2 September 5, 2005 (2005-09-05)
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List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes

The third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise commenced airing on UPN in the United States on September 10, 2003 and concluded on May 26, 2004 after 24 episodes. Set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first Starfleet starship Enterprise, registration NX-01.

Plot overview[edit]

The third season of Star Trek: Enterprise focuses on the Enterprise NX-01's mission to prevent a second Xindi attack from destroying Earth. It embraces a heavily serialized format dedicated to the search for the Xindi superweapon. Additionally, Archer, Trip, and T'Pol receive considerable character development throughout the year. The season concludes with the destruction of the Xindi weapon and the beginning of a brief story line that will bring the Temporal Cold War to an end. [1]


The following actors and actresses appear in the season:

Main cast[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]


  • The season was cut from 26 to 24 episodes by Paramount, following some disappointing early ratings.
  • The series title changed to Star Trek: Enterprise after "Extinction". Earlier episodes released on DVD were updated to reflect this change.
  • The theme music was changed.
  • Season 3 was the first to use a single story arc for an entire season.
  • Season 3 was the only season (of every Star Trek series) not to feature a Klingon character.[2]


Season Timeslot Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Rank Viewers
(in millions)
3rd September 10, 2003 May 26, 2004 2003–2004



No. in
No. in
Title Written by NR V Original air date Production
53 1 "The Xindi" Rick Berman & Brannon Braga 2.6 4.07 September 10, 2003 053
The mission against the Xindi starts off with Archer and Malcolm making a visit to a mining facility in order to track down a Xindi.
54 2 "Anomaly" Mike Sussman 2.6 4.29 September 17, 2003 054
The crew of Enterprise encounters the anomalies of the Delphic Expanse first-hand and deal with space pirates and a giant cloaked sphere of unknown origin.
55 3 "Extinction" André Bormanis 2.6 4.00 September 24, 2003 055
During a wild-goose chase pursuing the Xindi, Archer, Malcolm and Hoshi are exposed to an alien virus and begin to mutate into members of a long-dead race called the Loque'eque.
56 4 "Rajiin" Paul Brown & Brent V. Friedman (Story)
Brent V. Friedman & Chris Black (Teleplay)
2.7 4.52 October 1, 2003 056
A slave girl takes refuge aboard Enterprise but spies on the crew instead. Meanwhile, Archer learns that synthesized Trellium-D can be used to protect his vessel from the anomalies.
57 5 "Impulse" Jonathan Fernandez & Terry Matalas 2.8 4.17 October 8, 2003 057
Enterprise encounters a Vulcan ship in which the crew has become violent due to a toxic effect of Trellium-D that causes neural damage to Vulcans. T'Pol becomes exposed and loses control of her emotions, becoming paranoid and nearly homicidal.
58 6 "Exile" Phyllis Strong 2.3 3.46 October 15, 2003 058
A Beauty and the Beast-like tale involving Hoshi encountering a telepathic exile (with Xindi-related information) on a deserted world. Meanwhile more spheres are discovered by T'Pol.
59 7 "The Shipment" Chris Black & Brent V. Friedman 2.5 3.70 October 29, 2003 059
The Enterprise crew learns of a shipment of kemocite, a key element in a new weapon being built to destroy Earth. Archer finds a Xindi ally.
60 8 "Twilight" Mike Sussman 2.6 4.06 November 5, 2003 060
An anomaly causes Archer to lose his long-term memory. Much of the episode takes place in an alternate future after the destruction of Earth in which Archer (with the help of his caretaker T'Pol and Captain Tucker) seeks a way to correct the past.
61 9 "North Star" David A. Goodman 2.6 3.88 November 12, 2003 061
A planet resembling the American "Old West" is found to be inhabited by humans.
62 10 "Similitude" Manny Coto 3.0 4.59 November 19, 2003 062
Tucker becomes comatose after a plasma manifold explodes. A clone of Trip is created for the purpose of harvesting brain tissue. Archer's order to kill the clone is met with resistance when the clone, named Sim, becomes a member of the Enterprise family. Sim also reveals that Trip might be in love with T'pol.
63 11 "Carpenter Street" Rick Berman & Brannon Braga 2.5 3.71 November 26, 2003 063
With the help of Daniels, Archer and T'Pol go back in time after discovering a group of Xindi reptilians are creating a biological weapon in 2004 Detroit.TCW
64 12 "Chosen Realm" Manny Coto 2.6 3.93 January 14, 2004 064
Religious zealots hijack Enterprise and seek to execute Archer for acts of desecration upon the spheres.
65 13 "Proving Ground" Chris Black 2.2 3.44 January 21, 2004 065
Xindi scientists test their new, planet-killing weapon in an asteroid field as Archer finds he has an ally in the Delphic Expanse.Fed
66 14 "Stratagem" Michael Sussman (Teleplay) & Terry Matalas (Story) 2.6 4.08 February 4, 2004 066
A Xindi captive is tricked into giving Archer information about the location of the new superweapon.
67 15 "Harbinger" Rick Berman & Brannon Braga 2.6 3.95 February 11, 2004 067
Enterprise encounters the Sphere Builders for the first time. T'Pol experiences unexpected emotions and initiates a relationship with Trip. Malcolm and Major Hayes come to terms with their differences.
68 16 "Doctor's Orders" Chris Black 2.6 3.73 February 18, 2004 068
While Enterprise passes through a "trans-dimensional disturbance," the crew is put into hibernation, leaving Phlox in control of the ship. But is he truly alone?
69 17 "Hatchery" André Bormanis & Michael Sussman 2.4 3.52 February 25, 2004 069
Archer does everything he can to save a Xindi insectoid hatchery, to the point that his officers consider inciting mutiny against him.
70 18 "Azati Prime" Rick Berman, Brannon Braga & Manny Coto 2.6 3.78 March 3, 2004 070
After finding the weapon on Azati Prime, Archer embarks on a suicide mission to destroy it. T'Pol suddenly goes into an emotional tailspin as Enterprise suffers a devastating attack by the reptilian Xindi.TCW Fed
71 19 "Damage" Phyllis Strong 2.0 2.86 April 21, 2004 071
Enterprise is heavily damaged by Xindi and seeks exchange of Trellium-D for a warp coil from an alien vessel but is forced to steal it. T'Pol confesses her addiction to liquefied Trellium-D, which has caused her to lose control of her emotions.
72 20 "The Forgotten" Chris Black & David A. Goodman 2.2 3.35 April 28, 2004 072
Archer deals with the loss of many crew members and continues peaceful talks with two Xindi species that destroy a fellow Xindi ship in self-defense.
73 21 "" Mike Sussman 2.2 3.25 May 5, 2004 073
The Enterprise crew meet their descendants from an alternate timeline.
74 22 "The Council" Manny Coto 2.4 3.41 May 12, 2004 074
Archer speaks at the Xindi council and finds one species has launched the superweapon in defiance of the council.
75 23 "Countdown" André Bormanis & Chris Black 2.3 3.46 May 19, 2004 075
Archer works to build support from the aquatic Xindi to stop the reptilians and find the Sphere Builders who are aiding the reptilians.
76 24 "Zero Hour" Rick Berman & Brannon Braga 2.7 3.91 May 26, 2004 076
The final showdown with the reptilian Xindi to stop the weapon from destroying Earth. Archer is lost and believed dead as Enterprise finds itself back in the World War II era.TCW

Home media release[edit]


  • Region 1 - September 27, 2005
  • Region 2 - September 5, 2005 (re-released July 28, 2008)[3]


  • Region A - January 7, 2014. [4]
  • Region B - January 27, 2014

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