Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game

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Star Wars: The Interactive Video Game Board was a board game created by Hasbro in 1996. It is notable for including a VHS tape of newly shot scenes of Darth Vader walking down the halls of the Death Star.


  • 1 60-Minute VHS videotape
  • 1 Game Board
  • 13 Star Wars Figures
  • 36 Cardboard Explosives
  • 6 Force Level Indicators
  • 2 Combat Disks
  • 1 Death Star Reactor Core
  • 80 Cards (6 Rebel Mission cards, 24 Force Cards and 50 Data cards)
  • Die and Instructions

The Vader footage[edit]

The live-action video on the VHS tape was filmed in 1996. For the new scenes, Hasbro brought back David Prowse to play Vader and James Earl Jones to do the voice of Vader. Some of the crew from A New Hope, including original director of photography Gilbert Taylor, returned as well to shoot the scenes. The scenes would play on an hour-long tape, during which the players would be playing the board game, trying to reach their goal before the tape ends. At various points during the tape, Vader would appear warning, in a way, the players of what he was about to do. In the video, he wants to turn the Death Star II away from Endor to attempt to destroy another planet.

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