Star Wars Racer Revenge

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Star Wars Racer Revenge
Star Wars Racer Revenge.jpg
Developer(s) Rainbow Studios
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s) February 12, 2002 (NA)
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Distribution CD

Star Wars Racer Revenge is a Star Wars video game that involves high speed racing. It is the sequel to Star Wars Episode I: Racer. The story takes place eight years after The Phantom Menace, Sebulba wants revenge on Anakin Skywalker. Unlike its predecessor, the player isn't able to continue racing if they crash their pod, perhaps for added realism.[citation needed]

Game modes[edit]

  • Single Play: This option allows the player race in one of three ways: Single Event, Practice, or Time Trial. Single Event lets the player race on any unlocked track. They can choose between 1 and 25 laps. Practice lets the player determine how many pods they go up against (from 1 to 8), and Time Trial is just the player against the clock for the best lap time.
  • Vs. Race: Race against other players on any of the unlocked tracks.
  • Tournament: In this mode the player races across 13 tracks, trying to get first while destroying as many rival pods as possible. Each race has a total prize for getting first, as well as Watto’s Bribes, which multiplies winnings by a percent, depending on how many pods were destroyed. Each race has a Par number of kills, usually 2 or 3, which must be completed in order to completely max out the player's pod's stats.

Star Wars Racer Revenge is associated with improved performance concerning eye-hand coordination.[1]

Playable Characters[edit]

Available from the start

  • Anakin Skywalker (New Version)
  • Occo Ninebar (New)
  • Shrivel Braittrand(New)
  • Aldar Beedo
  • Ben Quadrinaros
  • Dud Bolt
  • Teemto Pagalies
  • Ody Mandrell

Unlockable Characters

  • Clegg Holdfast
  • Gasgano
  • Knire Dark (New)
  • Kraid Nemmeso(New)
  • Mawhonic
  • Wan Sandage
  • Mars Guo
  • Scorch Zanales (New)
  • Tzdik Wrantojo (New)
  • Sebulba(New Version)

Special Characters

  • SWE1 Sebulba (Beat Sebulbas Career)
  • Young Anakin (Get Lap Record on Every Track)
  • Watto (Get 3 Lap Record on Every Track)
  • Darth Maul (Get KO's Record on Every Track)
  • Darth Vader (Unlock the 4 Above Characters)