Star Wars and History

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Star Wars and History
Star Wars and History.jpg
Author Janice Liedl, William J. Astore,[1] Kevin S. Decker,[2] et al.
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Publication date
November 1, 2012 (2012-11-01)[3]

Star Wars and History is a book published on November 1, 2012, edited by Janice Liedl and Nancy R. Reagin.

The book, officially authorized by Lucasfilm,[4] discusses how the epic film series Star Wars borrowed elements from various Earth histories.


Originally planned for a 2013 release, the book consists of essays by different professors of history,[4] covering the parallels between Star Wars and various histories that occurred throughout the world, going as far back as ancient times. It covers various similarities between the events in Star Wars and historic eras on Earth including Ancient Egyptian History, the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, the Vietnam War as well as other historic timelines and events.

The book also demonstrates similarities of the Star Wars characters to people who played important roles in history such as by comparing Princess Leia Organa to women of the French Resistance in World War 2.

Aside from historic eras, the book also provides an insight into other themes from real life that George Lucas borrowed for his epic saga such as the ancient East Asian Bashido and their similarities to the Jedi Order. Other notable influences are the Templar Knights and other warrior monks.[5]

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