Starigrad Fortress (Fortica)

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Starigrad Fortress
Starigrad Fortress (Fortica) in Omiš
Coordinates 43°26′41″N 16°42′0″E / 43.44472°N 16.70000°E / 43.44472; 16.70000Coordinates: 43°26′41″N 16°42′0″E / 43.44472°N 16.70000°E / 43.44472; 16.70000
Height approx. 860 m
Site history
Built 15th century
Materials stone

Starigrad Fortress (Fortica) is a fortress located above town of Omiš in Split-Dalmatia county, in Dalmatia, Croatia.

Starigrad or Fortica fortress was built in 15th century above the town of Omiš.[1] Starigrad Fortress was built primarily for defending from Turks. Walls are following the line of the mountain. In the case that the city was taken all of the people would retreat to the safety of Fortica and from there they would throw huge rocks that would destroy the enemy forces underneath and the city itself,luckily they never had to resort to this.

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