Starigrad Fortress (Fortica)

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Starigrad Fortress
Starigrad Fortress (Fortica) in Omiš
Coordinates 43°26′41″N 16°42′0″E / 43.44472°N 16.70000°E / 43.44472; 16.70000Coordinates: 43°26′41″N 16°42′0″E / 43.44472°N 16.70000°E / 43.44472; 16.70000
Site information
Site history
Built 15th century
Materials stone
Height approx. 860 m

Starigrad Fortress (Fortica) is a fortress located above town of Omiš in Split-Dalmatia county, in Dalmatia, Croatia.

Starigrad or Fortica fortress was built in 15th century above the town of Omiš.[1] Starigrad Fortress was built primarily for defending from Turks.

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