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Starmount is a residential neighborhood in the South Charlotte (South Boulevard at Arrowood and Archdale) area.

Starmount was constructed during the early 1960s by Ervin Construction Company. Phase one of construction took place primarily from Starbrook Drive south to Sherbourne then spread north towards Archdale Drive at Phase two.

Starmount homes were built to last using true pine 2 x 4s, hardwood floors and brick construction. 1,200-1,500 sq. ft ranch style plans make up a great portion of the neighborhood but there are also many split-level, two-story and basement homes pushing 2,400 sq ft (220 m2) and beyond.

Consisting of nearly 1,400 homes, Starmount is the largest established neighborhood in South Charlotte. Starmount boundaries: West from Old Pineville Road, North to Emerywood, East to Delchester and along the Little Sugar Creek, South to Sherbourne.


Coordinates: 35°08′16″N 80°52′29″W / 35.137667°N 80.874646°W / 35.137667; -80.874646