Starry Night (planetarium software)

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Starry Night
Developer(s) Simulation Curriculum
Stable release 6.4.3 / 28 February 2011; 3 years ago (2011-02-28)
Operating system Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Planetarium
License Proprietary

Starry Night is a commercial planetarium software, available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and for the iPhone. Starry Night focuses heavily on providing attractive, realistic imagery, although recent versions have also increasingly targeted the amateur astronomy community with features like observation planning, telescope control, and multiple-panel printing.

Initially developed by Sienna Software, Starry Night is now owned and developed by Simulation Curriculum Corp., a Minneapolis-based publisher of educational curriculum and software.


The following is a list of key features:


The first significant update was 6.0.6 that added the support needed for the program to run properly on Windows Vista. Release 6.3.3 fixes some bugs in the program and adds updates to the database as well as some enhancements. Users are advised to download the latest driver of their graphics card in order to reduce the probability of graphical corruption not fixed in the update. The latest release (6.4.3) improves updater performance, corrects some printing bugs, and allows better CPU management.

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