Stars of Track and Field

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Stars of Track and Field
@ Bowery
Background information
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2003-2011
Labels No Logo, Mad, Wind-Up
Members Kevin Calaba
Jason Bell
Daniel Orvik
Past members Moxley Stratton

Stars of Track and Field was a three-piece indie rock band from Portland, Oregon, on the Wind-Up Records label. Their name is in reference to the Belle and Sebastian song of the same name from the album If You're Feeling Sinister.[1]

The band released an album, entitled Centuries Before Love and War, to the iTunes Store in August 2006 and released a physical copy in January 2007. Several tracks from the album are available on the group's MySpace page.

The band was joined by former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade on DirecTV's original game show Rock and a Hard Place, hosted by Meat Loaf in which they faced country group Lonestar.

In fall of 2009, they toured with Lights.

In September 2009, the band released their latest album, A Time for Lions, with the first single being a song called "Racing Lights". Recently, the song "End Of All Time" was chosen to be featured in Grey's Anatomy (Air-date Nov 12, 2009).[2] A number of their songs have appeared on the TV series Greek.

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