Starved for Help

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"Starved For Help"
The Walking Dead episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Directed by Sean Vanaman
Written by Mark Darin
Story by Chuck Jordan
Original air date June 27, 2012 (2012-06-27)
Running time Between 1 and 2 hours
Episode chronology
← Previous
"A New Day"
Next →
"Long Road Ahead"

"Starved For Help" is the second episode of the episodic graphic adventure The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series. It was originally released by its developer Telltale Games on June 27, 2012 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and on August 29, 2012 for iOS.


Lee Everett, Kenny, and Mark, an Air Force employee who recently joined the group that was introduced during the previous episode, are out hunting when they encounter two high school students, Ben and Travis, and their teacher David, who ran into a bear trap. Their screams attract walkers nearby. Lee tries to pry open the trap, but realizes he is not able to do so in time. Lee is forced to decide whether to chop off David's leg or leave him to die. Regardless of the choices, David will pass out from blood loss or Travis will accidentally get shot by Mark. While David/Travis succumb to the walkers Lee, Kenny, and Mark bring Ben and the wounded David/Travis back to the motel where the rest of Lee's entourage is staying.

Back at the motel, Lilly becomes enraged that they have more mouths to feed. Blaming Lee, Lilly, who has been rationing the group's food, transfers the responsibility to him. Depending on who he distributes the food to, his relationships with other characters change due to this task. After the food is distributed, David/Travis dies from his wound and reanimates as a walker that is quickly killed by the group. Ben reveals that everyone is infected with the walker virus and if they die without head trauma, they will become walkers.

The group soon encounters two brothers, Andrew and Danny St. John, who offer to trade food for fuel. Lee, Mark, Carley/Doug, and Ben head to the St. Johns' dairy farm, which is protected by an electric fence, to examine the location. The four then meet the farm's matron, Brenda, who offers to invite the entire group over for dinner. Afterwards, Carley/Doug and Ben return to the motel to tell the group of the invitation, while Andrew asks Lee and Mark to help them clear their electric fence of dead walkers. While doing so, Mark gets hit by an arrow shot by bandits. Mark and Lee hide behind a tractor and run back to the farmhouse. Just as Lee's group (minus Carley/Doug and Ben) approach the farm, Andrew reveals his family made a deal with the bandits to give them food in exchange for extra protection from them. Mark is taken inside by Brenda to receive care, while Lee and Danny attempt to search and eliminate the bandits' camp.

At the abandoned camp, Lee finds a video recorder. Lee and Danny then encounter a woman named Jolene, who had recently lost her daughter. After threatening the two, Jolene is shot, either by Lee or Danny, before she was about to reveal something about the farm. After returning to the farm, Kenny relays his suspicions about a room in the back of a barn. Lee breaks open the lock to the room, which is revealed to be a bloody abattoir. Andrew reassures them, saying that the room is used for skinning animals.

Lee heads back to the farmhouse. Suspicious of what's going on, especially as Mark hasn't been seen in a while, he asks to go wash his hands. He heads upstairs and finds piles of medical equipment on a bookshelf and a hidden room. Lee quickly finds a way into the room and finds Mark lying on the floor with his legs cut off. Mark then implores Lee and his group not to eat the St. Johns' food, which consist of human meat. Lee runs downstairs and attempts to prevent Clementine from eating, and then reveals the truth to the whole group. The St. John's do not deny this, and they lock the group (save for Katjaa and Duck) up in a meat locker behind the abattoir (now clearly a slaughterhouse) in the barn.

While in the locker, Larry has a heart attack. Lee is asked by Lilly to save Larry, while Kenny, thinking that Larry has died, wants to kill Larry before he reanimates as a walker. In the end, Kenny smashes Larry's head with a salt lick, leaving Lilly to mourn. Lee unlocks a nearby air conditioning unit using coins and sends Clementine through the vent to open the door to the room. Lee and Kenny find weapons in the slaughterhouse and hide in a barn stall. They are found by Danny and a fight ensues. Danny ends up trapped in his own bear trap and asks the group to keep him alive so they could eat him. Lee then must make the choice as to whether to kill Danny or not.

As Carley/Doug and Ben return to the farm, Lee heads to the farmhouse, where Brenda threatens to kill Katjaa. However, Brenda is killed by a reanimated Mark and Katjaa escapes. Lee then encounters Andrew outside, who has held Duck hostage. Lee attempts to grab Andrew's rifle, but is unsuccessful. Andrew then drags Lee toward the farm's electric fence. Lee is able to free himself of Andrew's grip and proceeds to punch him in the face several times before walking away. He is then given the choice to either kill Andrew or leave him be. The farm's electric generator then shuts off, powering the farm's defenses off, and the farm is overrun by walkers as Lee and the group leave.

Later, the group finds a stash of supplies in an abandoned car. Lee is given the choice to take the supplies or not, but regardless of his personal decision, the group rushes in and rummages through the car looking for what they can get. Carley/Doug gives some batteries to Lee, who uses it to play the video on the video recorder he found earlier. It reveals that a well-meaning Jolene had been spying on the group, especially Clementine. She speaks aloud that the group would be safe from the bandits as long as they kept getting food from the St. Johns. But with the farm overrun, the bandits will now be an imminent threat.


Actor/Actress Role Details
Dave Fennoy Lee Everett N/A
Melissa Hutchison Clementine N/A
Gavin Hammon Kenny N/A
Cissy Jones Katjaa
2 Roles
Max Kaufman Kenny Jr."Duck" N/A
Nikki Rapp Lilly N/A
Terence McGovern Larry Last appearance
Trevor Hoffman Ben Paul First appearance
Nicole Vigil Carley1 Determinant/Optional
Sam Joan Doug1 Determinant/Optional
Mark Middleton Mark First appearance (Guest)
Adam Harrington Andrew St. John First appearance (Guest)
Brian Sommer Danny St. John First appearance (Guest)
Jeanie Kelsey Brenda St. John First appearance (Guest)
Maxwell Zorbel Bandit Leader First appearance
Ruby Butterfield Travis First appearance (Guest)
Kevin Burns David Parker First appearance (Guest)

^1 Determinant Status (Depending choice in A New Day)


The game was released on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and later on PlayStation Vita and iOS. Players were able to download the episode for $4.99 in the United States, or roughly $25 for the entire season. Now that the season has been completed, the entire series must be purchased for $24.99, with no option of buying individual episodes, although the series has been occasionally discounted down to $6.24 on Steam and even as low as around $5 through Humble Bundle.[1]

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The episode was well received. IGN's Greg Miller noted the episode's high level of immersion and intensity, as well as the continuing character development of Lee, stating "I really was Lee, and he wasn't the man I thought he was"[2] The episode received a Metacritic score of 84.


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