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Starwood Capital Group
Founded Greenwich, Connecticut
Founders Barry Sternlicht and Robert Faith
Headquarters United States
Services hotels, retail, commercial lending

Starwood Capital Group is an American private investment firm headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.[1] The businesses owned by the firm include Starwood Property Trust, Inc., Starwood Energy Group Global, L.L.C., Starwood Real Estate Securities, L.L.C., and SH Group. It was co-founded by Barry Sternlicht and Robert Faith (who later went on to found Greystar Real Estate Partners).[2]

In 2000, Starwood Capital exited its investment in Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Inc. In 2003, the company exited its investment in iStar Financial, Inc.[3][4]

In 2005, it acquired Groupe du Louvre, which owns crystal maker Baccarat.

In 2009, a consortium led by Starwood Capital bought 40 percent of the loan portfolio of Corus Bank, a failed company.[5] In 2010 Starwood Capital Group lost an auction to buy Extended Stay Hotels to Centerbridge Partners. Starwood filed an objection against the sale to Centerbridge with the bankruptcy court in Manhattan.[6]

On July 12, 2010, Riviera Holdings – owners of the Riviera hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada; and Riviera Black Hawk in Black Hawk, Colorado – filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in Las Vegas together with a reorganization plan, under which secured lenders, led by Starwood Capital Group, would receive new debt and stock.

In 2012, the company began construction on a chain of hotels under the name of Baccarat Hotels and Resorts which will feature crystal chandeliers from Baccarat.[7] The flagship hotel will be in New York City, New York, on the site of the old Donnell Library Center, which it had bought from the 21 Club. Other complexes are scheduled to open in 2014 and 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Rabat, Morocco; Carthage, Tunisia; Marrakech, Morocco; and Foshan, Shanghai; and Tianjin, China.[8]

Also in 2012, Starwood partnered with Toll Brothers to develop the Pierhouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park[9] in Brooklyn[10] for US$280,000,000.

In December 2013, Starwood bought the Swedish retail group Kooperativa Förbundet for 3.9 billion Swedish kronor, or $593.3 million.[11] The seven prime location retail parks and shopping gallerias are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Uppsala in Sweden.[11]

In February 2014, in a 1-for-5 stock distribution, Starwood Property Trust spun off Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust, a single-family rental real estate investment trust.[12]

On 26 March 2014 Starwood Capital became a indirect minority shareholder of A.S. Roma (9.36%), through purchasing 20% shares of AS Roma SPV; AS Roma SPV was the direct major shareholder of NEEP Roma Holding (60%); NEEP Roma Holding was the major shareholder of AS Roma SpA (78.038%).[13]

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