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The State Library and Archives of Florida (colloquially referred to as the Florida State Archives) is the central repository for the archives of state government for the state of Florida. It is located at the R.A. Gray Building on 500 South Bronough Street in Tallahassee, Florida, Florida's capital.

Mandated by state law, the Florida State Archives is assigned to collect, preserve, and make available for research the historically significant records of Florida. It also stores and makes available private manuscripts and correspondence, local government records, photographs, maps, film clips, and materials that complement the official state records and Florida history.

Many photos from the FSA Florida Memory Project photographic collection are used frequently for articles on Wikipedia and assist users in describing events in Florida history.


The library began in 1845 to preserve and collect materials for the use of the legislature. At the time it was operated by the Secretary of State. Beginning in 1855 it was required by law that a catalog of the library's holdings should be made, but this task was neglected.[1]


  • State Government Records
  • Local Government Records
  • Manuscripts (Non-Government Records)
  • Florida Photographic Collection
  • Genealogical Collection
  • Legislative Acts Committee Records
  • Civil War Records
  • Military Service & Pension Records
  • Florida Folklife Collection

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