State Highway 9 (Tamil Nadu)

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Indian State Highway 9

State Highway (SH-9) Connects Cuddalore with Chittoor. Total length of SH-9 is 212 km.

SH-9 Route: Cuddalore - Nellikuppam - Panruti - Thiruvamur - Madapattu - Tirukkoyilur - Thiruvannamalai - Polur - Vellore city - Chittoor


Many cities in four districts in Tamil Nadu on the road connecting . In each district, on the road, the main areas are listed below.

Highway meetings[edit]

State Highway 9, National Highway 45C pannurutti to the point, National Highway 45 matappattu to the point, National Highway 66 to the point of Tiruvannamalai, National Highway 46 tend to cut across velurilum.

Many state highways cut across this Highway. Certain roads which are listed below.

  • State Highway 115 at Polur

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