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State secretary of the Netherlands
Style Excellency
Reports to Minister
Nominator Political parties that are members of the ruling coalition
Appointer Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Term length 4 years
Salary €135,000
(including €7,887.24 expenses)
Website Current state secretaries

State secretary (Dutch: staatssecretaris) is the title of a junior member of the Cabinet of the Netherlands and Cabinet of Belgium. A state secretary is a member of the cabinet, who works under a minister and falls under the responsibility of the minister, but is separately responsible to parliament. State secretaries take over part of the minister's portfolio. Some state secretaries have clearly defined portfolios like culture, science, or the environment, while others' portfolios overlap with their minister. State secretaries often have a different political affiliation than their minister. State secretaries do not attend the weekly council of ministers unless specifically invited.

The incumbent Second Rutte cabinet has the following state secretaries.

Position Portfolio Name Party
Eric Wiebes
State secretary Finance
(Fiscal affairs, Finances of lower governments)
Eric Wiebes VVD
Klaas Dijkhoff
State secretary * Security and Justice
(Prevention, Family law, Youth justice, Copyright law, Immigration)
Klaas Dijkhoff VVD
Sharon Dijksma
State secretary * Economic Affairs
(Agriculture, Nature, Food quality, Trade, Tourism, Postal affairs)
Sharon Dijksma PvdA
Martin van Rijn
State secretary Health, Welfare and Sport
(Nursing and care, Elderly policy, Youth policy, Biotechnology)
Martin van Rijn PvdA
Sander Dekker
State secretary Education, Culture and Science
(Higher education, Science and Knowledge, Teachers, Culture)
Sander Dekker VVD
Wilma Mansveld 2012 (highres).jpg
State secretary * Infrastructure and the Environment
(Public transport, Water policy, Environment, Aviation)
Wilma Mansveld PvdA
Jetta Klijnsma
State secretary Social Affairs and Employment
(Unemployment insurances (partial), Equality, Long-term unemployment, Poverty, Health and Safety)
Jetta Klijnsma PvdA
* The State Secretaries for Security and Justice, Economic Affairs and for Infrastructure and the Environment are allowed to use a ministerial title while on foreign business.
Source: (Rijksoverheid)

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