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Opening night of the Traverse City State Theatre

The State Theatre in Traverse City, Michigan, USA was recently acquired by the Traverse City Film Festival from a gift by Grand Traverse Rotary. The theatre underwent restoration and was re-opened on November 17, 2007.[1]

The State Theatre is located on East Front Street in downtown Traverse City and was originally built in 1918 and rebuilt in 1923 after a fire. It showed the first talking movie seen in Northern Michigan in 1929 when it was known as the Lyric Theatre. It closed down in 1991, when the cinemas at the Grand Traverse Mall opened, and mall cinema owners GKC wanted business at those new theaters. GKC (now Carmike) placed a deed restriction on subsequent owners of the State to prevent them from showing certain major Hollywood films. The theatre was revitalized before being used during the Traverse City Film Festival which began in July 2005. On November 17, 2007, the community celebrated the grand opening of the theater as a year round art house. The building was restored through hundreds of volunteer hours and financial support of director Michael Moore. In addition to Michael Moore, many other contributors provided financial support that helped in the long process of re-opening the State Theatre.


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