State of Presidi

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The cities forming the State of Presidi
The Palazzo dei Governanti, seat of the Spanish governors in Porto Ercole.

The Stato dei Presidi (loosely in English, "The State of the Garrisons") was a dependency of the Kingdom of Spain situated on the shores of central Italy. It included the cities of Orbetello, Porto Ercole, Porto Santo Stefano, Talamone, Ansedonia and Porto Longone, in what is now southern Tuscany. Porto Longone included a fortified area of Elba Island.

The State of Presidi was created by King Philip II of Spain in 1557 out of former territories of the Republic of Siena, after the latter had been annexed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany by Cosimo I de' Medici.

The State of Presidi was governed directly by Spain, as part of the Kingdom of Naples. It was merged to the land of Ferdinand IV of Naples with the duchy of Sora in 1796. It followed the history of the latter until, in 1801, Napoleon disbanded it and annexed it to the newly formed Kingdom of Etruria. Later the Congress of Vienna (1815) gave its former territories to Tuscany, to which they belonged until the Unification of Italy.

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