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Current U.S. state Treasurers (or nearest equivalent) by party affiliation
  Democratic incumbent
  Republican incumbent
  Independent incumbent

In the state governments of the United States, 49 of the 50 states have the executive position of treasurer. Texas abolished the position of Texas State Treasurer in 1996.

The state treasurer serves as the chief custodian of each state's treasury and as the state's head banker. Typically, he or she receives and deposits state monies, manages investments, and keeps track of budget surpluses and deficits. The position has powers and responsibilities similar to those of the United States Secretary of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States, or the chief financial officer of a corporation.

Current State Treasurers or equivalents[edit]

In most states, the position is a statewide elected office, usually a constitutional office (that is, provided for in the state constitution). In some states the position is appointed by the governor as a member of the governor's cabinet.

Title Treasurer State Party Assumed
Next election
(or method of selection)
Treasurer Young Boozer Alabama Rep 2011 2014
Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Patrick Galvin Alaska Rep 2006 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer Doug Ducey Arizona Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Charles Robinson Arkansas Dem 2013 2014
Treasurer Bill Lockyer California Dem 2007 2014
Treasurer Walker Stapleton Colorado Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Denise L. Nappier Connecticut Dem 1999 2014
Treasurer Ken Simpler Delaware Rep 2015 2019
Chief Financial Officer
for Treasurers prior to 2004
see Florida State Treasurer
Jeff Atwater Florida Rep 2011 2014
State Treasurer[1] Steve McCoy[1] Georgia Rep 2011 Appointed by Governor
Director of Finance Kalbert K. Young Hawaii Dem 2010 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer Ron Crane Idaho Rep 1999 2014
Treasurer Mike Frerichs-elect Illinois Dem 2015 2019
Treasurer Richard Mourdock Indiana Rep 2007 2014
Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald Iowa Dem 1982 2014
Treasurer Ron Estes Kansas Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Todd Hollenbach Kentucky Dem 2007 2016
Treasurer John Neely Kennedy Louisiana Rep 2000 2015
Treasurer Neria Douglass Maine Dem 2011 Elected by Legislature[2]
Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp Maryland Dem 2002 Elected by Legislature[3]
Treasurer and Receiver-General Steven Grossman Massachusetts Dem 2011 2014
Treasurer R. Kevin Clinton Michigan Rep 2013 Appointed by Governor
Commissioner of Management and Budget Jim Schowalter Minnesota Dem 2011 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer Lynn Fitch Mississippi Rep 2012 2015
Treasurer Clint Zweifel Missouri Dem 2009 2016
Director of the Department of Revenue Mike Kadas Montana Dem 2005 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer Don Stenberg Nebraska Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Kate Marshall Nevada Dem 2007 2014
Treasurer Catherine Provencher New Hampshire Dem 2007 Elected by Legislature[4]
Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff New Jersey Rep 2010 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer James B. Lewis New Mexico Dem 2007 2014
Comptroller; for Treasurers prior to 1926
see New York State Treasurer
Thomas DiNapoli New York Dem 2007 2014
Treasurer Janet Cowell North Carolina Dem 2009 2016
Treasurer Kelly Schmidt North Dakota Rep 2005 2016
Treasurer Josh Mandel Ohio Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Ken A. Miller Oklahoma Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Ted Wheeler Oregon Dem 2010 2016
Treasurer Vacant Pennsylvania
General Treasurer Gina Raimondo Rhode Island Dem 2011 2014
Treasurer Curtis Loftis South Carolina Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Rich Sattgast South Dakota Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer David Lillard, Jr. Tennessee Rep 2009 Elected by Legislature[5]
Comptroller of Public Accounts
for Treasurers prior to 1996
see Texas State Treasurer.
Susan Combs Texas Rep 2007 2014
Treasurer Richard Ellis Utah Rep 2009 2016
Treasurer Beth Pearce Vermont Dem 2011 2016
Treasurer Manju Ganeriwala Virginia None 2009 Appointed by Governor
Treasurer James McIntire Washington Dem 2009 2016
Treasurer John Perdue West Virginia Dem 1997 2016
Treasurer Kurt W. Schuller Wisconsin Rep 2011 2014
Treasurer Mark Gordon Wyoming Rep 2012 2014

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