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This is a list of States of India by projected own tax revenues of their governments (excluding the shares from Union tax pool) assessed for the year 2010–15 by the Thirteenth Finance Commission with figures in crore of Indian Rupees. Data for Union territories are not available.

Rank State Tax Revenues
India INR30331 billion (US$510 billion)
01 MAHARASHTRA INR4518 billion (US$75 billion)
02 Andhra Pradesh INR3234 billion (US$54 billion)
03 Uttar Pradesh INR2964 billion (US$49 billion)
04 Tamil Nadu INR2734 billion (US$46 billion)
05 Karnataka INR2526 billion (US$42 billion)
06 Gujarat INR1796 billion (US$30 billion)
07 West Bengal INR1699 billion (US$28 billion)
08 Rajasthan INR1507 billion (US$25 billion)
09 Kerala INR1382 billion (US$23 billion)
10 Haryana INR1363 billion (US$23 billion)
11 Madhya Pradesh INR1272 billion (US$21 billion)
12 Punjab INR1180 billion (US$20 billion)
13 Chhattisgarh INR724 billion (US$12 billion)
14 Jharkhand INR707 billion (US$12 billion)
15 Odisha INR662 billion (US$11 billion)
16 Bihar INR370 billion (US$6.2 billion)
17 Jammu and Kashmir INR346 billion (US$5.8 billion)
18 Assam INR322 billion (US$5.4 billion)
19 Uttarakhand INR322 billion (US$5.4 billion)
20 Himachal Pradesh INR274 billion (US$4.6 billion)
21 Goa INR233 billion (US$3.9 billion)
22 Tripura INR47.25 billion (US$790 million)
23 Meghalaya INR45.92 billion (US$770 million)
24 Arunachal Pradesh INR27.11 billion (US$450 million)
25 Manipur INR26.85 billion (US$450 million)
26 Nagaland INR17.76 billion (US$300 million)
27 Mizoram INR15.47 billion (US$260 million)
28 Sikkim INR13.68 billion (US$230 million)

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