Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property

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Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property
Agency overview
Formed 1816
Jurisdiction Government of Norway
Headquarters Oslo
Employees 860
Annual budget NOK 2,570 million (2006)
Agency executive Harald Vaagaasar Nikolaisen
Parent agency Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Statsbygg is a Norwegian government agency that manages central parts of the real estate portfolio of the Government of Norway. This includes 2.7 million square meters in 2,350 buildings, of which 115 are located abroad. The portfolio includes office buildings, heritage sites, campuses, operational facilities and other buildings. Statsbygg also manages the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard. The agency has at any time about 200 construction projects under way, completing about 10-20 new structures each year. Statsbygg has 860 employees. The head office is situated in Oslo and there are regional offices in Oslo, Porsgrunn, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Some parts of the public real estate are managed by other agencies, including railways, the military and healthcare facilities. Part of the government portfolio, that is subject to competition, is managed by the limited company Entra Eiendom, that was demerged from Statsbygg in 2000. Statsbygg is subordinate the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation.


The agency dates back to 1816 when King Charles II appointed Christian Ancher Collett as a consultant to manage the royal buildings around Christiania. In 1886 the agency was created by law as Statens bygnignsinspektorat (The state building inspectorate), later changing its name to Riksarkitekten. In 1959 the agency was reorganized as Statens bygge- og eiendomsdirektorat and from 1993 as Statsbygg. Since 1991 Statsbygg has had to compete with private companies to secure rental agreements with public institutions.