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Stavros Fasoulas is one of the most famous Finnish game programmers of the late 1980s.[citation needed] He is mostly known as the designer and developer of the Commodore 64 games Sanxion, Delta and Quedex. The games were published by the British publisher Thalamus.

Sanxion (1986) and Delta (1987) were pretty much standard-issue shoot 'em ups. Sanxion had a split screen which allowed the action to be presented from two different viewpoints. The music in Sanxion and Delta was composed by video game music composer Rob Hubbard. Quedex (1987) was a game with an original idea, where the player steered a ball in a maze. Fasoulas's promising career as a game programmer was cut short when he was drafted into the Finnish Defence Forces.

For the Amiga Fasoulas made a game called Galactic, slightly resembling Bubble Bobble. The Finnish computer magazine Pelit gave the game a fairly good review. Fasoulas never found a publisher for the game, and it was finally published as a slightly unfinished Christmas edition as a cover disk in the British computer magazine The One.

In the 1990s Fasoulas and Ilari Kuittinen founded the company Terramarque which is currently known as Housemarque after its fusion with Bloodhouse.

Later Fasoulas was at some point living in San Francisco without ties to the computer industry. It is rumoured that he has not been interested in using the Internet, not even having an e-mail account.[1]


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