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Song by Pink Floyd from the album Obscured by Clouds
Published World Copyrights Ltd
Released 10 July 1972
A-side "Free Four"
Recorded February–March 1972
Château d'Hérouville, Pontoise, France
Genre Progressive rock, soft rock
Length 4:07
Label Harvest
Writer Roger Waters, Richard Wright
Producer Pink Floyd
Obscured by Clouds track listing

"Stay" is a song from Pink Floyd's 1972 album Obscured by Clouds.[1][2] It is known for being one of the album's particularly slow-moving, lyrical songs.[3] The song was also issued as the B-side of "Free Four".[4]


The lyrics, written by Roger Waters and sung by Richard Wright,[5] vacillate between frustration and indifference felt towards a casual sex partner (perhaps a groupie).[6]


The main musical theme and verse of the song stay on a pedal point of G in the bass, while the chords above it change in a typical I-IV-V progression (G, C, and D major). The D major over the G bass results in the appearance of a G major seventh chord, evoking a "melancholy" or "bittersweet" feeling. The chorus modulates to the parallel minor, with a chord change of G minor to C major, a common progression in Wright's compositions. (See "Pow R. Toc H.", the "Funky Dung" section of the "Atom Heart Mother" suite, or "The Great Gig in the Sky".) This chord change evokes a ii-V-I progression that is left unfinished.[7]


The instrumentation is mostly Wright's piano and Waters' bass guitar, with a solo and other ornamental touches from guitarist David Gilmour making heavy use of a clean wah-wah pedal.[8]



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