Steady Nerves

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Steady Nerves
Studio album by Graham Parker and the Shot
Released 1985
Genre Rock
Label Elektra
Producer William Wittman, Graham Parker
Graham Parker and the Shot chronology
The Real Macaw
Steady Nerves
The Mona Lisa's Sister

Steady Nerves is a 1985 album by Graham Parker and The Shot.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Graham Parker.

  1. "Break Them Down"
  2. "Mighty Rivers"
  3. "Lunatic Fringe"
  4. "Wake Up (Next To You)"
  5. "When You Do That To Me"
  6. "The Weekend's Too Short"
  7. "Take Everything"
  8. "Black Lincoln Continental"
  9. "Canned Laughter"
  10. "Everyone's Hand Is On The Switch"
  11. "Locked Into Green"


Album Cover, graphic design: Hubert Kretzschmar