Stealing of Krraba State Treasury

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The Krrabë Stealing (Albanian: Ngjarja e Krrabës) was the stealing of gold of the Albanian State on April 24, 1997. The gold was stolen out of the State Treasurer hided in Krrabë.[1]


In April 1997 the allegedly stealing 340 kilograms of gold in gold, banknotes and other items.

Control group of tunnels where it was hidden treasure of state, has found that in addition to damage to doors, the ceilings of the passageways, the facility had several holes, for which it was thought that they were opened by persons outside of theft. However, the group reported that Treasury was not affected. Meanwhile, in April 2000, was conducted inventory values of the state treasury, where the report was completed in September of that year, and is found to have been stolen over 340 kg of gold.


  • Arian Bishqemi: 7 years
  • Blerim Haka: 3 years
  • Pellumb Dalti: 6 years
  • Enver Hyka: 8 years
  • Ahmet Hyken: 4 years
  • Genci Lamçe: (prison penalty started in 2008)
  • Astrit Lamçe: (prison penalty started in 2008)


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