Steamed meatball

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Steamed meatball
HK Pacific Plaza SYP 德韾苑 Tak Hing Yuen Seafood Restaurant beef meat balls Mar-2013 Bamboo steamer.JPG
Course Dim sum
Place of origin Hong Kong, Guangdong
Main ingredients beef
Cookbook:Steamed meatball  Steamed meatball
Steamed meatball
Chinese 山竹牛肉球
Hanyu Pinyin shan1 zhu2 niúròu qiú
Cantonese Jyutping saan1 zuk1 ngau4 juk6 kau4
Literal meaning beef ball

Steamed meatball is a Cantonese dim sum dish. It is popular in Hong Kong and most overseas Chinatowns. The meatball is made of beef, and usually has a tofu skin layer in the bottom, garnished with some vegetables like scallions. It is served with the standardized non-Chinese worcestershire sauce worldwide. The sauce in Hong Kong is known as kip zap (喼汁; Yale: gip3jap1), and is entirely optional.[1]

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