Steel Bananas

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Steel Bananas
Steel Bananas December 2009 cover
Founder Karen Correia Da Silva
Categories Contemporary Canadian Art
Frequency Quarterly
First issue 2008
Company The Steel Bananas Art Collective
Country Canada
Language English
ISSN 1918-9249

Steel Bananas is a not-for-profit Post-Postmodern art collective, zine, and chapbook press operating in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.[1] Established in 2008, their mandate is geared toward enriching the Canadian artistic community by collaborating freely with independent artists, writers and alternative art groups. Between 2008 and 2010 Steel Bananas published monthly issues, but in 2011 began publishing quarterly zines along with experimental chapbooks in print and online. The art collective operates with the aim of critically and playfully exploring contemporary cultural theory and the varying facets of contemporary urban culture in Canada.[2] With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Steel Bananas virtual content is augmented with print media, in-the-flesh art happenings, and events across Canada.

Special projects or series[edit]

GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose (Tightrope Books, 2009)

The Monthly Eggplant Reading Series (Hosted by Zoots Cafe in Toronto and Associate Editor, Curran Folkers)[3]

The Artichoke Revue (A salon series hosted by Bread and Circus in Toronto, Canada )[4]

Let me Fuck your Mouth (Toronto G20 Protest Supplement, 2010)

• Steel Bananas Publications (Chapbook press, est. 2011)


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