Steel Lasso

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Steel Lasso
Steel Lasso - Frontier City.jpg
Frontier City
Coordinates 35°35′02″N 97°26′26″W / 35.583785°N 97.440523°W / 35.583785; -97.440523Coordinates: 35°35′02″N 97°26′26″W / 35.583785°N 97.440523°W / 35.583785; -97.440523
Status Operating
Opening date 18 July 2008
Cost $4,000,000 USD
General statistics
Type Steel – Suspended Family Coaster
Manufacturer Vekoma
Model Suspended Family Coaster (293m)
Height 14.9 m (49 ft)
Length 293 m (961 ft)
Speed 48.3 km/h (30.0 mph)
Inversions 0
Duration 43 Seconds
Capacity 845 riders per hour
G-force 2.2
Steel Lasso at RCDB
Pictures of Steel Lasso at RCDB

Steel Lasso is an inverted coaster that opened at Frontier City theme park in 2008 in celebration for the parks 50th year anniversary. It is designed by Vekoma, and was made in the United States by Chance-Morgan Rides. It has a double figure eight layout with a clockwise downward helix near the end. Steel Lasso is stopped by a brake run that is built into the station. Steel Lasso is the first and only suspended roller coaster in the state of Oklahoma. The train features simple lap bars that lower from above the riders' heads. Steel Lasso currently has an orange and green paint scheme. The ride is a Suspended Family Coaster.[1][2]


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