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Steeves is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Burpee L. Steeves (1868–1933), American politician from Idaho; lieutenant governor of Idaho 1905–07
  • David Steeves (1934–1965), U.S. Air Force officer accused of giving a jet to the USSR during the Cold War
  • George Steeves (born 1945), Canadian art photographer
  • Gord Steeves (contemporary), Canadian city councilor from Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Tim Steeves (contemporary), Canadian comedian and writer
  • Wayne Steeves (born 1944), Canadian politician from New Brunswick; provincial legislator
  • William Steeves (1814–1873), Canadian merchant and politician; said to be the father of Canadian Confederation

  • Many Steeves in Canada are descendants of Heinrich Stief, a German immigrant to Canada. [1]