Stefan Burr

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Stefan Andrus Burr
Stefan Burr during an informal lecture at the University of Cincinnati in September 2009.
Born 1940 (age 73–74)[1]
Residence New Jersey
Fields Mathematics and Computer Science
Institutions The City College of New York
AT&T Long Lines
Alma mater Princeton University
Doctoral advisor Bernard Morris Dwork[2]
Known for Ramsey Theory
Number theory
He has an Erdős number of one.

Stefan Andrus Burr is a mathematician and computer scientist. He is a retired professor of Computer Science at The City College of New York.

Burr received his Ph.D. in 1969 from Princeton University under the supervision of Bernard Dwork; his thesis research involved the Waring–Goldbach problem in number theory, which concerns the representations of integers as sums of powers of prime numbers.[2]

Many of his subsequent publications involve problems from the field of Ramsey theory. He has published 27 papers with Paul Erdős.[3] The Erdős–Burr conjecture, published as a conjecture by Erdős and Burr in 1975 and still unsolved, states that sparse graphs have linear Ramsey numbers.