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Stefano W. Pasquini, artist, writer and curator. (b. 1969, Bologna, Italy) Received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 1991, then immediately left his country for Dublin, briefly, then London for seven years, and New York. He is currently based in Bologna, where he works. He was head curator of Sesto Senso, a small non-profit gallery in Bologna, for the exhibiting seasons of 2001–2002. He was Art Director of "Work – Art in progress", magazine of the Contemporary Art Gallery of Trento, as well as contributing editor of NYArts Magazine.

He has been exhibiting since 1988 with group shows in places such as the Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), The National Portrait Gallery (London), Casco (Utrecht), ICA (London), Art in General (New York), Star67 (Brooklyn), Gallery Korea (New York) and solo shows at Carnera (Adria), Bond Gallery (Birmingham), Sesto Senso, Graffio, Villa Serena (Bologna), 42contemporaneo, Studio Vetusta, Paggeriarte (Modena), and MelePere (Verona). He is author of "Accidental//Coincidental", Newhouse, New York, 2008 and Editor of "Obsolete Shit" magazine. Since 2010 he has been known as Stefano W. Pasquini. He currently works with the Italian galleries Enrico Astuni, Bologna, L'Arte, Molinella, Quattrocentometriquadri, Ancona, and MelePere Verona.

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