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Stefano Valentini, born in 1955 in Rome, Italy, is an Italian amateur astronomer and computer programmer.

He is known for his freewares WinAstrometry (used at many Italian amateur observatories for the calculation of the astrometric positions of the asteroids from CCD images) and waEphemeris, a minor planets ephemeris. Graduated in scientific disciplines, he collaborates with the astronomical observatories of Colleverde of Guidonia (MPC596), Stroncone (MPC589) and Vallemare of Borbona (MPCA55). In 1995 he has been among the founders of the "Gruppo Astrofili Nomentum", a group of amateur astronomers devoted to the search of the asteroids. He achieved the first astrometric measurement of the supernova 2004dg, discovered at Stroncone Observatory (IAU Circular 8375).

Asteroid 9121 Stefanovalentini, discovered on 24 February 1998, was named after him.[1]


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