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This article is about the Canadian singer-songwriter. For the French Olympic swimmer, see Stéphan Caron.
"Stefie" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Stefi, Stefy, or Stephie.
Stefie Shock at Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec in 2007.

Stefie Shock (the stage name of Stéphane Caron, born in Montreal March 9, 1969) is a Québécois singer-songwriter.


Previously a Montreal disc jockey, Shock crafts a modern sound, notably with funk and pop influences. He sings in a low, conspiratorial voice; prominently inspired by his idol, French singer Serge Gainsbourg. In Québec, he has become quite a well-known musician, especially since the release of his second album. His music is characterized by a solid production, extensive use of keyboard sounds, and non-pop influences. On Le Décor, various styles, including rock and roll, lounge music, Latin rhythms and 1980s electro-pop, are heard.


  • 2000: Presque rien
  • 2003: Le Décor
  • 2006: Les Vendredis
  • 2009: Tubes, remixes et prémonitions (includes one new release and six remixes)
  • 2011: La mécanique de l'amour
  • 2014: Avant L'aube


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