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The Steiger Award or Der Steiger is an international award established in 2005 and presented annually by the award organization based in Bochum, Germany. The title translates as The Miner, and reflects the qualities of responsibility, honesty, openness and hard work valued in the North Rhine Westphalia region where the award is presented.[1] The award was created by private initiative and is presented annually to individuals who are notable for accomplishments in charity, music, film, media, sports, the environment and building of the European community.[2] Past winners include Egon Bahr, Udo Jürgens, Jean-Claude Juncker, Boris Becker, David Frost, Bob Geldof, Maximilian Schell, Richard Chamberlain, Stefanie Powers, Robin Gibb, Christopher Lee, Mark Knopfler, Klaus Meine, Roger Daltrey, Jean Michel Jarre and Bonnie Tyler.


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